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  • Proverbs 9:8 "Do not rebuke a mocker, or he will hate you ..." "Rebuke not evil men, lest they should hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee."

    It's that easy... the MSM is wicked.   Evil men and women don't like being reminded of it.   especially, in public...

  • Johan Goldberg used to talk some sense, but in recent years he is letting his never Trump status get the best of him, and that goes for the host as well. Kayleigh McEnany is smart and well aware of the stupidity in the WH press corp. She is showing everyone just how bias they are, taking them on with on hand behind her back. This President has been bashed for his interactions with women, but his administration has included highly intelligent and qualified women whom the press and the left have insulted, called unattractive, and branded then unintelligent because they dared to belong to the Republicans party and work for this President. Voting women should open their eyes and stop to think who has really given them real opportunities. Under this President along with other groups women have the lowest unemployment rate in years, women owned businesses were up, until the corona crisis came, but who is it now holding women and the country back? The state's keeping their citizens under a strangle hold are run by the Dem's. Open your eyes and get off the merry-go-round and vote who will actually improve you and your families lives, the keep the country closed Dem's or the President trying to get the economy going again.

  • Kayleigh stands way above the VERMIN media MOB, keep up the GREAT work Kayleigh!!! Ichange the channel whenever that crooked brazill or wallace blemishes my TV screen!

  • What I am finding is people whom I thought were enemies but wasn't sure or or people like Goldberg (His mother started with Drudge) took a middle path closer to that of a Rino - is I can hear them now and what they say is clear they have had to refine their evil point of views and expose their general hatred of anything or anyone that represents an thinking America finding out and re-discovering their Rights and the value of the Constitution.  I love their smug attitues and their God like self image.  It is all going and is crashing down.  Poor baby libs beat up by a woman with wit, beauty and a thinking brain.  Boom Booom I can feel their pain and I love every minute of it. Go Baby Go!!!

  • jonah has been spit out by the whale and it looks like he was denutted in the process. Seems like he has lost the same brain cells that chris wallace has lost. They perpetuate the RINO label in Wash.D.C.

    • Of course he lost brain cells.......................when he was "denutted"  ;o))   (I've got to remember that one...)

    • The great O is gay he likes men. Speaking of that have you heard Michael is really a Mike?  Look it up.

    • I heard about it but is it true?

    •'s old news:


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