• we know how Germany fell for Hitler.. Do not remain silent.

    • Exactly, Debra. In Germany the fake news (Lügenpresse - Google it!) was also very prominent when Hitler was coming to power and when he was taking over the country. Same as it is here now. 

  • Just more political theater for appearances!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am not surprised about Cuellar. I would have expected Rep. Henry Cuellar to be one of the first Democrats to break rank with; Biden, Harris, Occasio-Cortez, and Pelosi.  As Democrats go, Henry Cuellar is a more conservative Blue Dog type of Democrat. Cuellar realizes that this destructive Socialist crap will seriously harm the people he represents.


  • O' Bin Hiden probably already forgot he signed it! No One has walked away from the Pipeline, Yest! It's ALL FAKE NEWS! Rice the Commie is doing his work! Camel has no clue along with NASTY P.! All these Executive Orders are Bin Hiding writing on a Roll Of Shit Paper! They are meaningless & will NEVER be adhered to. He'll be in shackles soon!

  • They must be due for reelection soon. Trying to cover their A**. Texas won't allow them to use voter fraude to get in again. 

    • I hope so

  • is this crap or not?

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