• we are living in difrent kind of world.


    • No, the world is still a globe and circles the sun, the basics of life have not changed... However, the reaction of the government and the culture in America has changed... Evil is now permitted a place at the table, the government is participating in its own demise... authority and the law is no longer respected... the idea that respect is given not earned has been turned upside down.

      There is no respect for others, property, or lives... the left has no moral foundation and believes that anything goes as long as they retain and increase their power.

    • Another aspect to you all didn't have the media fanning the flames with their deceit and outright lies.  Back then they basically REPORTED the news, rather than CREATED it.

    • Ronald has correctly identified the element that now has a "place at the table".  All of us have hope only if we combat evil deliberately, along the lines of experts in the traditional Catholic Church, like Fr. Chad Ripperger.  Satan can't stand that Mary and St.Michael work along with God, so he has trained Catholic clergy to believe that that is a myth of Church doctrine prior to 1965.  Now the threat of evil has greatly expanded everywhere, but the solutions of Faith to conquer Satan and his demons remain the same.  

    • Amen...

      Know your enemy... the first order of battle.

  • Time to arrest soros for treason

    • My question ongoing is why there are so many online censors who will erase any suggestion such as that?

    • Power has its privileges... Even the best systems of justice still find the elite, powerful and wealthy often escape the long arm of the law... it's just a fact of the human condition.   When the Lord returns the scales of justice will be satisfied and equity before the righteous judge will be restored.

    • This discussion is simply WAY beyond the stuff available most everywhere.

    • We are blessed to have Steve and Dee as benefactors of this site... and a group willing to suffer our many and varied points of view.

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