• Well, "suffering" is not what I do when I am able to call George Soros the world's leading servant of Satan outside of the Communist Party of China.

    • Let's get an American arrest warrant issued under RICO and hopefully treason, and freeze all his assets. Let's see if the U.S. government will ignore 50 million signatures.

      Sign Petition: Arrest George Soros
      George Soros has been funding radical leftist hate groups to go out and riot on the streets. His funding alone has led to the (328 signatures on peti…
    • Marylin, Thank you for this petition.  Better late than never!!

  • Organized leftist demonstrations and domestic terrorist operations have been going on for decades.... the FBI and DOJ are compromised, they have not engaged this sort of conduct as Domestic TERRORISM or Sedition... However, these types of operation orders focus on using long-established percepts for organizing clandestine TERRORIST OPERATIONS... Domestic Terrorist groups focus on creating social chaos through local terrorist acts... Arson, physical assault, looting, and acts of violence are all designed to destabilize local authority. They focus on paralyzing local law enforcement and creating a narrative designed to engender a loss of confidence in the government... and its ability to keep order in the local community.

  • This apparent "evidence" seems just a little too obvious and convenient.


    • I agree.  And I have to wonder why something from 5 years ago just happens to show up now...

    • This whole Floyd killing incident is beginning to turn up some very strange connections. Floyd and Chauvin both worked at the same “dance club”?? Who owned that club?? Whose congressional district did this happen in?? How does Omar Investments fit into this equation?? Do the names Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison ring any bells?? Does anyone recall who brought  all those Somalis to Minnesota?? The questions are many, but the answers are few. The only thing we know for sure is: Something Really Stinks

    • I have heard,  but have never heard explained, that the officer and Mr. Floyd had a long-time adversarial relationship. The news coverage has completely ignored that, as well as the incredible offenses Floyd committed prior to Floyd's murder by the officer.  

    • I agree and with the calls to rush to judgment and trial... the depth to which this event may extend may be overlooked and brushed under the carpet.

    • Peeling back the onion and it is a rotten onion!!  

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