• Exactly, that is why we must take the time needed to peel the onion... thoroughly. 

  • Progressives are no doubt the enemy within,and the cancer is DEEP!

  • Okay enough is enough... this is sedition and treason and all involved need arrested period with no option to get out.., this needs to go to President Trump at the WH and let the chips fall... also Tucker and Hannity 

  • WOW...FREAKING WOW!!! How do we post this on Facebook and other social media outlets????

    • Vicki hit the SHARE BUTTON for Facebook at the top of the page and follow the on-screen prompts...  You will need to page up as far as you can and then look on the upper left hand side for the share buttons... there is one for Facebook.

  • This was from Baltimore Riots years ago but exactly how these current riots are coordinated,staged and organized between DNC politicans and leftwing terror groups like Antifa. If the FBI wasn't so busy trying to overthrow the President, they would look into true domestic terror organizations.

  • This was all swept quickly under the rug. This whole RIOT ordeal is a staged event and a repeat of what they have been taught. 


  • This was from 4/18/2015.  Did anything happen around that time?  Looks like something the sick Dems would do.

    • Apparently it did happen.  Here is a link providing more details

      Evidence That 'Friends of Democracy' Funded and Planned Baltimore Riots - Uncle Sam's Misguide…
      A document was found marked “confidential” – it is a clear set of guidelines and instructions written for paid protestors in Baltimore. You may recal…
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