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The FBI is investigating the assault of a female Fort Bliss soldier by several male Afghan refugees at the Army's Doña Ana Complex camp where thousands are currently being housed, officials told ABC-7 on Friday.

“We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being assaulted on Sept. 19 by a small group of male evacuees at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico," said Lt. Col. Allie Payne, director of Public Affairs for Fort Bliss and the 1st Armored Division.

She said the assaulted soldier had received medical care and counseling. In the wake of the attack, Payne said additional security measures - including improved lightning - were being implemented at the Doña Ana Complex

"We take the allegation seriously and appropriately referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation," Payne indicated.

Payne declined to provide additional details about the incident because of the FBI probe, referring further questions to them.

Special Agent Jeanette Harper of the FBI's El Paso division confirmed that "we received the referral from Fort Bliss and our office is investigating the allegation.” She didn't elaborate.

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  • Feed them to the "Lions at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago!" Those residents have no qualms about abusing "Rights, Laws or Bloodshed", and the Zoo could use the additional income from the " Spectator Attendance. " Alternative Zoos would be Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco/Los Angeles, California, and could include the majority of the populated East Coast.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I remember reading years ago that when the Israel captured a terrorist and wanted information from him he refused to talk, not even torture would work. They would show him a pig skin they would bury him in after they execute him. Then the rag head wouldn't shut up giving them any info they wanted.

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg of crime that is coming. And what is surprising is that we have heard of it at all. Crimes BY refugees is not to be reported. It will likely not get addressed. Crime UPON refugees will get reported and prosecuted , sensationalized. Defund police. Remove laws to put criminals away. Install pansy ass judges. Import infectious,American and female hating refugees that suck America dry. Have the media censor any news and report only that we now live in Lala Land. That soldier is not the first to have been attacked. She won’t see justice. Guard your children. They aren’t safe either.

    • You are right.   There is still a good deal of rural area out there.   Time to return to Pioneer Justice.   Just disappear the perps.

  • It is impertative that our disgraced and esdevil unelected president  be removed  from office as soon as possible.  The country is hurting and the democrat government could care less.  They are guilty of

    treason and should be tried. 

  • Bring those criminals into our Country just because they might vote democrat?  joe biden needs to be arrested, tried and convicted for all the crimes he has committed against this Country as well as all his personal crimes.  But first impeach his a**.

  • This is where the military needs to step in and take charge of the ragheaded goat humpers; round 'em up, lock them up in GITMO. OR fly them back to Afghanistan and kick them off the tail ramp, without a parachute, while flying over.


  • Dear Concerned, Good point. How about running the "Pig" through our intestines first?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain



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