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During a press conference this morning, where more audio tapes were released of former Vice President Joe Biden colluding with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to use American security services to destroy corruption witness Aleksander Onyshchenko, former Ukrainian Prosecutor Konstantine Kulik declared the full amount of the recently-discovered bribe to end investigations into Burisma and Hunter Biden was actually $50 million, not $6 million as recently reported.

Kulik openly wondered during the press conference where the rest of the money was, mentioning American Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, reported Ukrainian news outlet

“The initial amount of the bribe was not 6 million. The size of the bribe was 50 million US dollars,” the ex-prosecutor said, showing relevant documents.

“The representatives of Burisma have already delegated this Andrei Kichu to negotiations with prosecutors of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in 2019. I have in my hands a report from the prosecutor from my group investigating the Burisma case. As follows from the report, Burisma and the Deputy Prosecutor General Enin tried to influence the closure of the case, “Kulik emphasized.

“One of the episodes of official suspicion of Zlochevsky in case No. 1590, which supposedly was supposed to be closed for 6 million, includes the facts of Zlochevsky’s complicity in money laundering using Burisma, as well as Rosemont Seneca Boa Devon Archer from the Biden family’s orbit. $50 million to close not only Zlochevsky’s case, but also against a company close to former US Vice President Joe Biden. When Burisma representatives were detained in a bribe of 6 million, Rosemont Seneca Boa, and, accordingly, payments to Biden in the case were not discussed. Sytnyk [National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine head Artem Sytnyk] personally confirmed this at his recent press conference, “Kulik summarized.

“In turn, MP Andrei Derkach stressed that Biden was suspected, but his involvement disappeared along the way along with another 44 million dollars, which were the main part of the bribe.

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  • It's more than scandalous, but as we all should know nothing is a "scandal" unless and until it is reported in the mainstream media. This business will never be reported in NYT ("All The News That Fits, We Print"), MSN, CNN or any other news outlet you can think of. That's the real scandal in our country today.

  • This should be out there in the public so everybody can start to understand the rotten, lousy criminal Biden and his family really are.  Not only is Biden mentally unfit to be in charge of anything, he like the rest of the left wing hacks think they are entitled to this kind of personal profit because of who they are.  They remain non repentant ......and just like the Clintons and Obama continue to profit from their unqkualified positions.  Because of the double standard in the media and justice.......the lefties are constantly given a PASS.  No wonder we citizens who pay attention to events are fed up with this system .

    • You are right. Left wing hacks think they are entitled to this kind of personal profit. In contrast take Trump. He works tirelessly for the good of the country when he could have just enjoyed his billions. He even donats all profits from hotel derived from foreign governments to charity! When did we have a president like this before? Which left wing hack would do such a thing? Trump lends his business skills to America which is all of us. He controls the budget deficit like no other president has done before him (because he is a successful business man), he establishes law and order, he puts the right kind of judges on the benches across the United States, he leads with optimism and compassion. The list goes on and on and on. Which other president has accomplished as much as he has in the short 3 1/2 years he has been in office? Which president made America as great as it is today even after inheriting the disasters Obama left behind?

  • Steal $5K, go to jail. Steal millions, no problem, especially if you are a Senator or VP (ex).

    • especially if you are a left wing socialist, that does nothing but play the race card, environmental card and just rant about every issue or plan that Trump does, yet offer no plan of your own.......and continue to tear down the US..........all anarchists.

  • How long before anything is done about this??????  

    • I am not worries. Barr and Trump are holding back the evidence until closer to the elections. They'll get the timing right. They are very smart. Remember how Comey opened another investigation into Hillary's emails days before the elections just to drop it a day or two later? The damage was done to crooked hillary and Trump won with a landslide. Watch a repeat of that, but hitting these crooks even harder than they hit crooked hilary when Obama's people were still in charge.

    • hope you are right.......seems plausible.......use their dirty tricks against them.  The crap that the progressive socialists put on this nation is criminal.......from a fake impeachment, to sanctuary cities, letting out felons, open borders......meanwhile they take bribes like candy......not just for themselves, but for several family members.......kind of like their own personal retirment plan. What a bunch of pigs on the left........Clinton and Obama were slick in robbing, but Biden is too stupid to cover up......and he's just the last car of the criminal DEMOCRAT TRAIN. They have spent the last 30 years dumbing down the population throught failed schools, infected with leftists professors, teachers and administrators.  They let China steal our tech, infect our schools, commit BIOLOGICAL WARFARE ON THE US after Trump started playing hard ball on trade.  The Chinese communist govt is our biggest enemy and the DUMBED DOWN public is too stupid to recognize it as they keep shopping and sending money to Chins.  Instead of demanding that our goods be manufactured in the U.S. especially drugs and food.  They are filthy and there is little to no inspection on the crap they send us.  No wonder people are sick all the time in the US......weak medications, polluted foods....START DEMANDING THAT OUR CONSUMER PRODUCTS BE MANUFACTURED AND INSPECTED HERE IN THE U.S.

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