If Joe Biden exits the presidential race, Democrats might be able to nominate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with former President Barack Obama as her running mate, Douglas MacKinnon wrote in an opinion piece published Saturday by The Hill.

MacKinnon, who served as a writer during the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, said that some Democrats are concerned about Biden's candidacy as the former vice president faces an allegation of sexual assault as well as concerns regarding his age, mental acuity and his son Hunter Biden's business activities.

Biden is the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee, but McKinnon said the Clinton-Obama ticket may be an option if Biden drops out. While Obama has already served two terms in office, MacKinnon wrote that the former president might be able to serve as vice president.

He pointed to the 12th Amendment which states "no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States." But he also noted that the 22nd Amendment says an individual cannot be elected president more than two times. 

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  • WHAT A GRAND JOKE! Sure, it's a 'possible' - like "rolling a pea up a mountain with your nose' is possible...

  • Communist democrat liberals HATE President Trump because he shut down their AGENDA that 0bama almost completed!

  • DemocRats Are Desperate! They Will Lose Anyway! 

  • for all I care the Obama administration should have in jail a long time a go.

    • never, never, never, these PsOS should be executed or put in jail for life! Including soetoro's administration or anyone affiliiated with him!

  • Here's one that'll keep you up at night.

    What if Michael Obama is chosen running mate with Joe? She's the darling of many idiot libs so don't say impossible.  Once in, a sick or otherwise incapacitated Joe would make Michael the Pres. And guess who the First Jerk would be...  pullin' all the strings. Yeah. 

    So Barak can't be Pres technically, but Michael can be and Barak can still drive. 😱

  • Even if somehow one could get around that pesky 12th Amendment, Hitlery & Obozo are SUCH a losing tickets, the Dems would be even more foolish if they back it and dropped "Plugs!"

  • obummer is Constitutionally ineligible to be President because he served two terms. (22nd Amendent) So no matter how you parse words, the 12th Amenndment is clear, "NO PERSON CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT CAN NOT BE VICE PRESIDENT.

    • But my point is... Biden picks Michelle O as his VP running mate... Biden wins election  (ok, i know that's not gonna happen, but this is MY nightmare!), Biden's dementia grows quickly and he is proclaimed unable to continue as Pres... he goes home and VP-Michelle takes oval office. Barak would certainly be in full control then. Hey.. i said it was a nightmare. 

    • So do you believe that if Joe Biden pick Michelle to be his Vice President he is going win the election?


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