He states the Dominion election computers had a malware called QSnatch. Oddly enough, I located this story from October 2019:

QSnatch Malware Infects Thousands of NAS Devices, Steals Credentials

Thousands of QNAP NAS devices are getting infected with a malware dubbed QSnatch that injects into their firmware and proceeds to steal credentials and load malicious code retrieved from its command and control (C2) servers.

Germany's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-Bund) says that, based on sinkhole data, roughly 7,000 NAS devices in Germany are currently affected by QSnatch infections.

The malware strain was spotted by researchers at the National Cyber Security Centre of Finland (NCSC-FI) after receiving reports from the Autoreporter service of infected NAS devices trying to communicate to C2 servers.

While initially, the malware was thought to be a variant of the Caphaw (aka Shylock) banking malware, a more detailed investigation based on the C2 traffic featuring QNAP-related parameters led to the discovery of the new QSnatch malware.

The malware received the QSnatch name based on the devices it targets and the information "snatching" activity detailed below.

Infection and malicious activity

While the infection vector is not yet known, the researchers found that QSnatch will get injected into the firmware of QNAP NAS devices during the infection stage, with the malicious code being "run as part of normal operations within the device."

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I found QSnatch in conjunction to the eleciont mentioned on this show on 11/14/2020:




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  • I would love to be that one journalist that actually asked the questions that need to be asked of all the Democrats that will do anything for power. Someone needs to be a thorn in their side until they answer. 

    Of course whoever this journalist is, he/she would need a personal security detail. I don't trust these people at all. 

  • Where in the hell is the Attorney General? he should be going after all this people that want to steal the election starting with the governor of Pennsylvania.

    • AG Barr and US Attorney Durham are exactly where they were when they took office...  conserving the status quo and the CORRUPTION in government. Obviously, they can't find the door to the courts or even their way to the Grand Jury... no indictments and certainly no trials.  Both of these traitors need to be fired and become the targets of their own criminal investigations... for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE... you can also add Dir Wray of the FBI to the list of corrupt members of the government.

  • It is mind boggling that the courts don't admit all this evidence that prove the election was rigged. The US is really no longer a well functioning country. 

    • The Courts are corrupt, and the attorneys for both sides need to be watched as the plaintiff's attorneys may deliberately throw the case. We simply can't trust anyone, especially those educated in the US A and its liberal universities.

    • I agree, Ronald! US courts are corrupt. We can see how they handle the cases related to the rigged election. I also agree with you that the corrupt courts and rigged elections show clearly that the US is no longer the leader of the free wordld, where clean elections and a functioning court system are supposed to be a given.

  • Why is it so difficult to realize that anything that is run by computers/electronic devices is open to sabotage and compromise?  How many states bought this machine?  Who signed off on it?  Can we see if all of us sudden they are wealthier than before??  WE MUST go back to in-person voting!!!!  

    • After the Bush/Gore election debacle in 2000 they started talking about useing electronic voting machines in the future to prevent any more problems. They assured the public that there was no way they could be hacked. Then many experts came forth and said a hack wouldn't be that difficult, but the fake news just laughed at them and called them right wing crazy people. 15 years ago when I voted they gave me a choice of using the machine or doing it the old fasioned way with a paper ballot. I always told them I didn't trust the machines and used paper, but now they don't even give you a choice.

    • Amen

This reply was deleted.