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  • She got her degree from Montgomery Ward 

    • Or the monkey ward.

  • So, this ignorant woman is calling for herself, a white American, to be eliminated!  This is the epitome of STUPID!  As for the vaccine, it is going to produce more deaths than COVID did.  There is a peer reviewed study that shows how the COVID vaccine changes your immune system.  This change causes your T-cells to go into hyperdirve when exposed to COVID in the future which then has the effect of your immune system killing the body's organs.  This will be the central crisis of 2022.

  • This pathetic souless creature is pure evil and should be given the middle finger and ignored. The 666 death cocktail of poision is NOT a vaccine. It's a bio weapon being used against the sovereign people of the planet. The MNRA poision contains nano technology to control your mind, damage your DNA, and separate you from the Creator. There is ZERO reason to ever get the jab!!   

  • Stockholm Syndrome..

  • By definition, this woman is an actual racial hate criminal.

    (a self-hater actually, typical of political libtard syndrome)

    Idiom of the day: Fall on your sword Meaning: To take full responsibility for a negative ...

    Prosecute her !

  • The fraud and usurper berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama was NEVER A LEGAL sitting US Presideent and the US Congress knew it the entire eight years he sat ILLEGALLY in the Oval Office .

  • That's like somebody off the street telling me to get out of my house.

  • What a B****

  • If you look at Congress and Senate and many of the Govt employees are WHITE. Nancy and Schumer had better look in a mirror. Although it would probably scare them to death. 

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