• It is alarming how this story has been ignored by the MSM... given the implications of the Biden's wholesale lack of character and willingness to betray their COuntry and business partners why anyone would consider Joe qualified morally to be President is appalling... albeit, we must realize this the Democrat Party and VP Biden is nothing more than a reflection of its underlying character... Bill and Hillary Clinton's criminal conduct is but another example of the debauchery and open criminal conduct in the Democrat Party.

    • Ron, the lamestream media is part of the New World Order conspiracy.  They don't know they are taking the Mark of the Beast and will burn for eternity, they are looking at profit now and prime positions in satan's global dictatorship.

  • Lt. Bobulinski thank you for your courage in standing up to the criminals who run this country.  You are a man of integrity and we need more

    many, many more men like you.....Thank you Sir. You have my utmost respect.

  • of course he knew, he is the godfather of the biden crime cartel.  I bet he ordered all of the corrupt and TREASONOUS actions!!!!!

  • I think Hunter wants out of the whole mess, his friend doesn't like being the fall guy...

  • damn, an honest democrat. maybe the country is correcting itself.

    • he will likely "commit suicide" before he can testify in court as all informers on corrupt devildemocommiecrats do.  Look at those who could have scuttled the clintons, hundreds have either "committed suicide" or died under mysterious circumstances, like Vince Foster who shot himself twice in the back of the head then hid the gun where it still hasn't been found, without leaving a blood trail for police to follow.  Intersting isn't it?  How did he manage that?

    • I wonder if he has seen the light and changed to Republican.

  • When you are as corrupt as Biden is, there will be many associates who will turn against you eventually because they get caught and want to save their own skin. Biden is such a stark contrast to Trump that there is no question that the large majority of Americans will vote for Trump who is honest and who keeps his promises especially this one, "Make America Great Again".

    • If it were the Clintons instead of the Bidens this guy would have had a fatal accident long ago. A body of a man was found floating face down in a local river today with 39 stab wounds in his back. It was determined to be a suicide by the Arkansas state coroner.

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