Former Democrat: I'm Sorry, Mr. President

Does Donald Trump have dementia? We need to know: Psychologist

This will shock everyone who knows me. I've changed my mind a lot over the years but one thing that has been steady has been my political views. However, something Trump said in March triggered me to do a bit of investigating. This quickly turned into a lot of investigating- going down the ugliest rabbit hole imaginable. Some of you haven't done this yet. Some of you haven't had your Opposite Day - when you find the good people are really bad and the bad people are really good.

I believe it's only a matter of time before light is shed on the nightmarish evil acts and plots that Stephen King, Tom Clancy and Dan Brown stories don't even come close to. Holy fockamole! I gotta apologize!

I sent this today, May 19, 2020 two months after my first peek into the hole.


Dear Mr. President Trump,

I am writing to apologize for doubting your integrity for the past 4 years. I am a 56 year-old lifelong Democrat. I thought you were a typical Republican politician--concerned only about your bank accounts, tax cuts, deregulating allowing pollution and toxins to poison our earth. I thought you were a sexist bully, unintelligent, and had no empathy for the average middle class person like me. I knew the Democrats were not perfect. However I felt they were the lesser of two evils. I cried for two days after you were elected. It appeared to me that you brought more slimy lagoon creatures to DC instead of “draining the swamp”.

I was a middle school math and English teacher for 34 years. I should have known better to judge a person based on news media but as a busy mom of 4, I gave the main stream media the benefit of the doubt. My husband and I grew up in families that worked for unions and we continued the legacy. My husband was a proud democrat and union millwright. We knocked on doors in 2008 to help Obama's campaign. We were elated when he was elected. I rejoiced with my students for days. I believed what Rachel, George, Anderson and the other “journalists” told us on the evening news. When the Wikileaks were brought to light in October 2016, I thought this was just a false Republican strategy to kill the democratic lead.

I retired from teaching a year ago. I opened a holistic healing business. I had a lot of anxiety when my husband, Norm, suddenly died of a heart attack on my birthday three years ago. All my kids were enrolled in college at the time. I visited many alternative healers to help with my grief and anxiety. It helped. A lot. My intuition grew stronger than ever. I studied several modalities that had helped me. I wanted to be able to help others using similar techniques.

I have rarely trusted pharmaceuticals. I had a strong feeling that it was the statins Norm was taking for high cholesterol that contributed to his untimely death at 53 years old. I have used my mother's intuition to raise my four kids giving them natural herbs and supplements to help boost their immune system. I knew playing in dirt was good. I get this strong "dark" vibration when someone discusses a "dangerous" drug. I have refused to give my kids flu vaccines and Gardasil. I am almost certain a vaccine reaction caused my grandson's mild autistic symptoms. My mother was taking an expensive drug for her osteoporosis. I told her that I felt that drug was contributing to her brittle bones and heart issues instead of helping. She trusted me and took herself off the drug. 2019-20 was her first year in 7 years that she has not required a surgery to repair fractures.

So, Mr. President, I'm embarrassed and sorry to say that I did not use my intuition to develop my opinion of you. I have bad mouthed you for 4 years. I joined the groups of people that critiqued every tweet misspelling and passionate speech you made. I watched CNN and MSNBC in disgust at times. I was convinced Russia helped you get elected and that you only became president to advance your bank account and that of your wealthy friends. That is until a day in March. I happened to catch you talking about a drug.

This drug did not present itself as darkness, but as a light in my inner “vision”. Then I saw the look on Dr. Fauci's face after you brought it up. He presented as darkness to me. Why would a famous doctor want to prevent a life-saving treatment for Covid19 patients? In that moment I knew I had been wrong about you all along. You were trying to give frightened Americans hope. You knew the truth.

Since my business had to be temporarily closed, my friend, Dee, (also a business owner) and I had time to research. Well, one thing lead to another and another and another and my whole view of you and your mission for our country did a 180. Holy guacamole!!!! I learned about so much darkness evil people in this country have been hiding and plotting for years. I saw things that I cannot get out of my head yet. You know of these things. You know what certain powerful groups were/are planning to do to us. You are putting a stop to it.

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  • Finally!!!

  • Sounds like she has turned from the dark side.

  • This women is correct, but she should also open her heart to Jesus Christ, the President did just that before he was inaugurated, and he knows by asking for God's help he will stay the course. These people like Bill and Linda Gates, Soros, Rockerfellers, etc. are working against America and we must not let them gain in their world domination plans.

    • it's going to be hard for her to give her heart to Jesus Christ unles the Holy Spirit show her the way.

    • "she should also open her heart to Jesus Christ,"


      What makes you think she hasn't?

    • by the fruit she bare.

  • wow, what a letter I am so happy that someone finally gets it the Democrats who run this country is purely evil.

  • There are no real conservative news outlets any more. It is all American hating conspiracy news now. Trump is the only one standing in thier way to form an NWO. These globalist elite, about 15 very ultra wealthy families control every country on earth through the central banking system. The Rockafellars, Wahrburgs, Soros, Rothschilds, JP Morgan, and a few more own ALl of the central banks in the world. There are no countries with independent banking systems. The creaton of "money" is tantamount ot a free country. These banksters control the finances of every country and therefore control the governments. The federal reserve bank is included in this takeover. For a banking empire to be able to have the mint print "money" out of thin air and then LOAN it to the government with interest is destructive to any nation. The US is indebted to the federal reserve to the tune of 21 trillion dollars. The deal with the federal reserve took place in secret in 1913, known as the "Federal Reserve Act". All "money" from that point on is nothing more then fiat currency which has value as long as the American people have faith in it. It is not backed by gold or anyting else. all of this information is available online. A quick example of the fallicy of paper "money" is that a one ounce gold coin which was what the constitution says is real money, originally valued at $20.00 dollars. That was the average wage in 1913. A nice mens suit at a fancy men's store was $20.00 dolars or a one ounce gold coin. Today it takes 1,700 paper "dollars" to buy that same suit or that $20.00 dollar gold coin will still but that suit! That is how much value the federal reserve notes have lost  over the last 100 years. Control over this planet is what these globalists want. They aslo want to reduce the population from 8 billion to 350 million people. Bill Gates, one of the globalists, was interviewed on CNN 15 years ago and stated that the way to reduce the population is with vaccines. Fauci is working with Bill Gates and has been for some time now. Take notice and you will see Gates getting into the picture more and more over this new "vaccine". Gates wants every person on earth to get this vaccine and then be tracked using the excuse that they need to know who is free from the virus. If you do not submit, then you canot participate in "normal" life. The top Democrats and some of the rhinos in congress are in on this takeover. Trump is aware of all of this. Trump is going to fire Fauci at the right time. Meanwhile, Fauci is not on TV anymore with Trump. The Democrat controlled states are the ones that do not want to oopen up and are bashing Trump every chance they get. All of the main stream news media is also owned by these banksters, including Fox. Please do some research online on all of this.

    • if I was you I'll watch One America News Network it is the best conservative news in town.

    • Thx Jeff! 

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