• Bagdad Bob has nothing on Kabul Biden... there are no enemy forces in Bagdad as an M1 tank rolls by... or Kabul Biden decry's the Taliban are not in control of Kabul... those Taliban flags flying over the capitol in Kabul are just a diversion

    • Ronald, I'm still laughfing. Because you ignited my memory of "Bagdad Bobs" hilarious ludicrous statement as American M1 Tanks rolled through the streets of Bagdad. It brought the-house down with laughfter as late-night show hosts perfected ad-libbing it.

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    • P/S have the Republicans even authored an election reform bill... the Democrats have and it's a real invitation for more fraud.  Seems like the GOP is on vacation.. they need to be authoring legislation to deal with our crisis... even if it goes nowhere... at least it will expand the political debate and narrative.

    • Yeah, more empty rhetoric... where have you been... just who is going to charge them?  Ask Hillary how that works or maybe Barr he's an expert at charging corrupt politicians NOT... how about a   solution that works...   Anyone counting on either the GOP or Democrats to reverse course; too, restore constitutional government and confidence in our electoral process is smoking something and it isn't a cigar.

  • Col. Kemp's perspective is certainly on target with regard to the betrayal of the President and his status as CIC of the US Military... The question is why does it take a foreign officer to demand what we all know is true... treason sits in high office and boh political parties fail to understand what Col. Kemp does... that Biden is dangerous and capable of treason.

  • This entire dem administration needs t be tried for treason by pertmitting the invasion at our southern border,

  • Thank you for speaking the truth FINALLY. It is appreciated because our media cannot deny what leaders of other countries say. However, where was this honesty as they looked the other way while Dems stole the election & saddled the world with a nincompoop?!!!  They all helped install Biden the traitor. 

  • I agree with this man also while we're at it lets also get rid of his entire administration---Right?

  • They are all guilty of treason!!!

    • Yes they are 100%

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