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  • And we can actually email her at:         Most times if you do not live in the politician's district, you cannot email them

  • We conservatives can thank her at (202) 224-4521 if her voice mailbox is not full.

  • It is perfectly acceptable for a devildemocommiecrat to call for violence against anyone but for a conservative to dispute anything is "hatred"!!!!!  What a bunch of satanic bullshiite!!!!!!!!!!

  • Totalitarian Fascism... The end result will be just as that of the famous German Guy in the 1930's and 1940's, who implemented the same actions against anyone whom he didn't like or whom didn't agree with him, and we all know how that turned out for 6 million Jews and 9 million Polish people! Question... isn't Reich German in origin?   Thought so...

    • Strange about that last name  - -I was thinking exactly the same thing!

  • Just another indication of how tolerant the de"mock"rat party is.

  • The guy best be carefull or the Lady just might kick his ass !

  • Pick up your phone and dial 9-WAA-WAA. This is much ado about nothing. Get upset over real threats of violence. Tea Party Patriots aren't whiners. We are ACTIVISTS!! 

  • Promoting violence against women? Is he saying women need to be submissive? Typical demonrat.

  • He should be arrested and charged with making threats and advocating the overthrow of the federal govt. 

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