• Govener "Karen" is utterly corrupt. I suspect she has the DNA of Coleman Young, Kwame Kilpatrick, etc. running in her veins...!

  • UNREAL !!

  • Thomas Treusch, I agree but we cannot give up and roll over. I think one of our last attempts to regain our freedoms and remain a free country is to push for a Convention of States, (COSAction ( The last thing would be another civil war, God forbid. For all of the politicians who were involved need to be brought up on charges of Treason. Something has to be done.


    Convention of States Action
    Article V offers the only constitutional solution as big as the problem. Together, we can end federal overreach.
    • No Con-Con... If you play with fire you may suffer fatal burns...!

    • You are hoodwinked by Laurence Tribe (harvard Law School) who is a shill for the left on this issue.  I am a lawyer by profession and a Constitutional Scholar--I've published a book on the subject--and I would be happy to exlplain but I won't waste my time. 

      Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly.  Proverbs 16:22


    • Not a con-con, an Article V convention of states, very different things!!!!!  I don't believe an Article V will work because those who now ignore the Constitution will also ignore the results of Article V that would shut the deep state down but it is worth a try.  I believe the only success can come through a new Revolutionary War unless Almighty God answers my prayers to depose the satanists now in control of the government, media, and "education" (which has become marxist indoctrination)  I pray daily asking God to intervene for us the way He did for the founders.


    • Blithe aversion to a ratified Convention of States resolutions would inspire a klikety-klack of martial appreciation for the arrogant performance.

      The applauders are out there, watching to see.

      Prudent minds would not fail to heed it. Those that want to continue breathing, that is. 

    • What you are saying is that We the People do an Article V  THEN need to resort to a Revolutionary War to make it stick.  You have just said the same thing
      I said but used different words!!!!!


    • Wellllll, not exactly.

      The 2nd is an emergency measure to use if all else fails.

      Treacherous players know that is how it would play out,

      and strive to lull everyone into an unprepared trance.

      The better not to be shot for.

    • Agreed.  An educated, moral and religious people is the answer, same as it was then.

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