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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace questioned Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) over his tweet suggesting President Joe Biden is not in charge during this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday.”

Wallace asked, “My question, is that helpful to be sending out a tweet questioning President Biden’s mental faculties?”

Cornyn replied, “Well, Chris, thank you for the question because I think there’s been a lot of confusion in the Twitterverse about that. That actually was a quote from a Politico story that I pasted into a tweet, and then I simply asked a question.”

He added, “What I’m trying to do is reconcile the Joe Biden we heard from on Jan. 20th, the Joe Biden that many of us know from his previous service in the United States Senate from the Joe Biden we’re seeing now jamming through $1.9 trillion of spending bills,” the Texas Republican added. “I’ve learned in Washington, you not only need to listen to what people say, you need to watch what they do. And so far, there’s a conflict I’m trying to reconcile, and I bet I’m not the only one.”

Wallace pressed, “But just really quickly do you have questions as to whether or not Joe Biden is really in charge and whether, frankly, he’s up to the job?”

Cornyn insisted, “That tweet was not meant to suggest anything about the president’s competency, physical or mental. I know some people have suggested that, and that certainly wasn’t my intention. I simply tried to reconcile the rhetoric with the reality. And we need the reality to match the rhetoric, and it’s not matching right now.”

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  • No MORE lies!. . .We know that he is not in good health.  Most often, we can tell it.  He has Harris do the hard jobs and those she can't do, are done by some nameless democrat, hell bent on making the democrats look better than they are!


  • I don’t watch any shows with Chris Wallace in them anymore. He is far too arrogant and wishy-washy, and he thinks he knows everything. He’s nothing like his Dad!! Plus, why wouldn’t someone question another’s sanity if they act insane or stupid? They did it to Trump, many, many times.

    • Chris Wallace is not fit at all to do anything


  • Doris, As you stated, it is obvious that Biden is a mere stand-in, a semi warm body to be paraded and handled. But I think Harris is also. She looks more alive and speaks coherent double talk as her handlers instruct. But otherwise she cannot move or talk(or think) what her handlers have not given. She cackles as if she would appear friendly. She is Vice Puppet.

  • Chris Wallace detested Donald Trump and all his interviews with whatever political person exposed his bias against then President Trump and his support for Joe Biden.  But Wallace obviously is blind to what the majority of Americans are seeing in Biden.  His confusion, not knowing where he is--incoherent answers to some questions--and the list goes on.  Biden is being controlled by the radical left and he is nothing more than a puppet whose strings are being pulled by his handlers.  They keep Biden under strict quarantine--with Kamala Harris meeting with and talking with heads of states. She has and Biden have totally ignored the disaster at our border with no plans to correct it.    Responsiblilties of the President are being delegated to Harris who is failing completely..  Her incessant laughter at inapproiate times is a sign that she is totally incompetent as a stand-in for the President.  It is unbelievable that the national security of our country is in the hands of these two people.  Is it possible to impeach both Bidn and Harris???

    • I agree with you Doris but I will say this Obama and his cronies are running this nation period.

  • Did not care about what they said about TRUMP though did he. Never watch him anyway

  • Wallace needs to stay out of the media, please.

  • We all know that Biden is a puppet as the cartoon shows above.  Obama is proud of the fact that he is part of the cabal directing this poor insane person to do their bidding.  What a sad day we are seeing!  

  • Only a brain dead idiot or a raging liberal would not question Joe Biden's mental acuity.  It is obvious to anybody of sound mind that Joe Biden has serious mental deficiencies.

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