• It takes a very stupid person to like communisum...

  • Biden is too far gone mentally to make any decisions - so go after the real culprit - Obummer!

    • Obola has created a shadow government:  shame!

  • Build Back Better... is an openly visible failure... one more indictment to remove Pres. Biden before he gets us in a war with Russia and China... the man is incompetent and suffers from dementia or some other form of degenerative mental disorder.

    • How about insanity, and stupidity?

  • I thought he is vaccinated and boosted so what is the problem if the "vaccines" are the solution the lying left claims they are?????    They just want to keep their bobblehead puppet under wraps so he won't be so likely to say something stupid!!!!!

    • The only thing Biden has been vaccinated with is STUPID...

    • Ronald what do you think about Biden sending thousands and thousands of troops to Ukraine. This is what he is contemplating. I think he got a stupidity shot instead of a covid-19 shot.

    • Give grandpa Bidet a warm camomil clyster, then let's revisit the topic!

    • War with Russia is beyond stupid... it is ultimately very dangerous and suicidal... Russian's use real bullets, shoot first and then check the rules of engagement, ignore humanitarian concerns, and just don't give a damn what anyone else thinks about their tactics... they don't 'F' around and when they engage they do so to win... not too dally about in some political scheme to make money and consolidate their power at home.  It is beyond stupid to put our troops in Ukraine. 

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