TRUMP 2020 - I have not YET Begun to Fight : MAGAmemes

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    • I already told my Representative that I will never vote for her again!  

  • Now President Trump feels how Jesus feel when he was left all alone the republicans leaders were not there to fight with him only a few GOP are fighting against the fraud election and we will remember them when they go for re-election.

  • Waiting for the fat lady, she sings at noon in the District of Columbia on the twentieth day of January 2021. If our servants in the government have failed in their tasks and oaths then we decorate liberty trees!


  • 1 homo 1 pedo 2 traitors

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  • WE NEED FLYNN and the demos knew he would be a huge help to TRUMP and the USA, that's why they went after him AND IT'S WHY WE NEED TO TRUN HIM LOOSE ON THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • No doubt!

  • Weary?  That's an understatement!  I'm over it!

    Clean em out!

    • I agree, clean em out !!  One problem, who do we replace them with??  Seems that the People lack the balls to start a real effort to clean em out.. Look what these traitors have done already and the people just sit by and let it happen...  I'm over it as well!!

  • What is the action... how do we fight... we work for a living.


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