6899445901?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter FOX 35 News noticed errors in the state's report on positivity rates, the Florida Department of Health said that some laboratories have not been reporting negative test result data to the state.

Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive. Other labs had very high positivity rates. FOX 35 News found that testing sites like one local Centra Care reported that 83 people were tested and all tested positive. Then, NCF Diagnostics in Alachua reported 88 percent of tests were positive.

How could that be? FOX 35 News investigated these astronomical numbers, contacting every local location mentioned in the report.

The report showed that Orlando Health had a 98 percent positivity rate. However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health's positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.

The report also showed that the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76 percent. A spokesperson for the VA told FOX 35 News on Tuesday that this does not reflect their numbers and that the positivity rate for the center is actually 6 percent.

FOX 35 News went on to speak with the Florida Department of Health on Tuesday. They confirmed that although private and public laboratories are required to report positive and negative results to the state immediately, some have not. Specifically, they said that some smaller, private labs were not reporting negative test result data to the state.

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  • Here in Dayton Ohio a group of people went to get tested and had to wait so long they left. A week later they got test result papers in the mail that they had all tested postive. Plus a friend had a family member die and of course the doctor's put Covid on the death certificate, but the family said it was a heart attack. Go figure. I'm afraid that there are  not enough of us to beat back the liars. Too many buy the mainstream media lies.

    • Janet, I am in Dayton, too.  See this about DeWine.

    • The good news is that Trump administration is collecting the covid data now. We will finally get the truth about covid from Trump as we always get the truth from him. Who still believes the fake news anyway these days?

    • The bad news is that those collecting this new COVID data are the same ones that collected the old COVID data... the sources for this data are the same.  However, the format or interpretation may be different.  We will have to wait and see.

      I would also add that the data reported previously was erroneously complied... with individuals reporting positive who were not even tested and others with negative results being reported positive deliberately inflating the numbers testing positive.  NEW DATA properly collected and reported must be obtained.  If the same people are in charge of collecting the NEW DATA expect no change... they are crooks.

  • I, for one, have had enough of these self righteous marxist morons, especially the leftist women that get all indignant when they see me without a mask. They buy the lie that, masks do anything to protect them. I have news for ALL of you, any man with facial hair, that has a mask on is a JOKE, " 0 " protection. The left's hero adolph hitler wore that stupid looking mustache because, during WW1, the German military hitler was with were subjected to all kinds of deadly nerve, chlorine gas, the men shaved their mustaches down in order to get a tight fit of their gas masks to keep out any deadly gas. Keep telling your moronic selves that your masks are protecting you, that socialist distancing does. If you are in a line and some one infected passes nasty gas, and you smell it, boom, you are now infected. Go get yourself fitted for a Safety training certification for gas masks, see how far that gets you if you have facial hair.

    • Our own virus and bacteria take out our toxic trash. Masks deprive us of oxygen.

      Cerebral Hypoxia is oxygen deprivation to the brain. Results in stroke. 
      Pulmonary Hypoxia is oxygen deprivation to the lungs. Results in death.

      Hypoxemia is low oxygen to the blood. Requires treatment. 

      Breathing in your body's own toxic waste, known as CO2, results in hypercapnia. 

      Get a letter from your doctor excempting you from wearing the face diaper. For the following reasons:

      The Mayor, Gov. or shopowner, has no right to get in between you and your doctor. It is HIPAA violation. 

      Your medical issues are protected by ADA, The Americans with Disabilities Act, and by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

      It's a damn shame we need to pretend to be sick in order to be healthy. 

      I have carried around my letter and gone into places where 80% of the dufuses are bowing to the face diaper society, and no one said a thing. And when I asked for help from some poor employee, forced to wear a diaper, who gratefully, took the stupid thing off so he could speak and be heard. People need to see us stand up no matter what way, speaking, refusing, whatever. Just say No. Not your business. My body, my health. 

    • You are absolutely correct... the paper and cloth masks including the n59 masks are ineffective in preventing the airborne transmission of viruses.  In addition, your clothes and hands are also a source for an infection.... unless you wash your hands, wear protective clothing and put it on and off properly you may become infected.  All surfaces you touch where infected individuals have transmitted the virus are also dangerous.  

      The only sure-fire way to stop the spread of the virus is thru isolation and removal of the infected individual(s) from the area... quarantine ... effective quarantine not the kind being sold the public today.

    • Typo..  N-59 should be N-95 Mask

  • Stop believing the CDC they belong to the same people who keep lying about Trump and Russia. COVID-19 is being used from the Socialist Party as a fear weapon because they have nothing to offer the Americans people.

  • An ultra simple formula:

    Each state takes an average of the total number of deaths as of a given date for the last three years. The difference between that number and the total number of deaths up to the same date this year should give us a reasonably accurate assessment of the effect of covid-19 on the death rate in every state. Certainly not perfect, but a lot more accurate than what the democrats are trying to make the world believe. The democrat’s scenario of “every death is a covid death” would suggest that a cure has been found for cancer, heart disease, and all the other causes of death we’ve experienced in the past.

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