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  • There is factual evidence from the FBI that ANTIFA was leading the charge into the capitol. They have pictures taken by the facial recognition cameras at the capitol. The Washington Times reportred on it on Jan. 7. Limbaugh reported on it that Monday, the 8th of Jan. AOC was warned a week in advance of the trouble at the capitol on Jan. 6. The fix was in, and the Nazi Democrat leadership knew about it. This is all hard evidence that needs to be brought out in the fraud impeachment trial. The only problem is that the Nazi Democrats will not allow the evidence to be brought out. It is almost time to go to the capitol, unarmed, and pull these communist enemies physically from thier perches in DC. 5 million people should be enough. If Biden oreders shots to be fired, then it will be all out war. The first to go needs to be all of the Nazi Democrat leadership. OH, I almost forgot. The first to go needs to be the globalists and the special forces will be needed to do that. Biden has predered that any soldiers that voted for Trump be purged from the ranks. That means the entire military will have to be disbanded. I urge you to go to you tube and watch the "TV mini series AmeriKa". In the search bar on you tube, the words "Amerika TV mini series" needs to be typed in exactly like that or a bunch of BS will come up. You will swear this series was filmed today. Tis series was produced in 1985. 

  • Spawn of the devil. 

  • A bit misleading, she wasn't "storming" the capital, she works there and was giving support for thsoe who were there illegally.  She simply walked into the room.

    • Well the Trump supporters didn't "storm in" either. The undercover BLM & Antifa mercenaries stormed & were violent according to their Soros script. 

    • Mary Kay, and now the deep state "law enforcement" charges mostly patriots rather than the terrorists belonging to BLM and Antifa.

  • Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals , one of many Saul Alinsky rules is  Blame your opponent for what you are doing ! Hillary Rotten Clinton did her Wesley Collage thesis on Rule For Radicals and is a follower . Why liberals have so much in common with moslems is it is OK TO LIE AS LONG AS YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT or "The Ends Justify the Means " the liberal/socialist MANTRA ! 

    • Don't Trust Lindsey "All Hat and NO Cattle" Graham he is part of the good old boys club in DC that did not want things to change IE Getting taxpayers money for all talk and no action !  When are We The People going to learn if we reelecting them they are going to keep doing the same thing year in and year out ? 

  • There you go the Socialist  blaming the Conservatives for stuff that they (Socialist) are already doing Or have already done.

  • Isn't great how the Lamestream news media covers up for its own?

    If the Lamestream news media doesn't condemn it, it never happened!

  • The liberal scum has to be cleaned out, but it will take more then us talking on here.


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