• tyhat is the fact.


  • this whole thing about Kamala Harris is a joke.

  • This doofus joe biteme had nowhere to go when he had to pick à VP. All of the pool he had to choose from were losers. The other problem is that no matter who he chose it would offend one or more of their groups that they have with their identity politics. If this doofus happened to get elected do you want President harris? I think this is going to be one of the biggest landslides for Trump in American history!! 


    • YES.....all the prospects in Biden's RACE centered choices were atrocious.  And now they have the nerve to call this shrew Harris a MODERATE?????HAHAHA.  If she is moderate than I'm George Washington.  Maybe among the leftists she is a moderate RADICAL LEFTIST........meaning she didn't actually firebomb anything yet, like Obama's friend Ayers.

  • But they ARE the Goebbelist Pigs Freedom Fighters. I know what I see!


  • These freedom fighters need to have a large picnic at her house and garden, maybe start a few fires to be able roast some marshmallows!

  • The antifa claim to be fighting fascism but they are really low life terrorists. The leaders should be charged with treason & usurption and punished to the full extent of the law. That would make the rest of the terrorists to fall in line.

    • They are bolsheviks they even display the communist hammer and sickle.The best way to deal with them is to surround and dispatch them without mercy. Thou shalt not suffer a terrorist to live.



    • I would have to recommend this posting to anyone with more than 2 brain cells. Great post! Great information!

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