The former top lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign who hired Fusion GPS to carry out controversial opposition research against then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 is now working for a top 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful.


Marc Elias, who heads Perkins Coie’s political law group, became general counsel for California Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential bid this year. Elias, who held the same position in Clinton's campaign, is named in two pending Federal Election Commission complaints and in a recent federal lawsuit alleging that the Clinton campaign broke campaign finance laws when it used Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS went on to hire British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who compiled an unverified dossier allegedly based on sources close to the Kremlin which was disseminated to the media and used by the FBI to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants targeting former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is reviewing alleged FISA abuse related to the dossier and Attorney General William Barr launched his “investigation of the investigators” earlier this year.

Clinton’s former presidential campaign manager Robby Mook said in 2017 that he authorized Elias to hire an outside firm to dig up dirt on Trump’s connections with Russia. “I asked our lawyer and I gave him a budget allocation to investigate this, particularly the international aspect,” he said.

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    Summary: The Covid 19 Vaccine: Confusion, Difficulties, Dangers
    Efforts are underway by powerful and politically influential interests in the US and overseas to: Mandate Covid 19 vaccinations for everyone on the p…
  • And a person on her campaign worked at Twitter, to review questionable tweets, including the President's..... Hmmmm..🤔🤔🤔

  • Criminals all stay in the group.   How come the worse women join the progressive/socialist party??

  • as far as I am concern both of them need to be in jail.

  • I wonder if her selection is a payoff for keeping quiet about what she knows about Russia Gate and other criminal conduct by Hillary and the DNC... they certainly should know she is not Constitutionally qualified to be VP... she can't become President as she is not Constitutionally qualified.

    • Problem is Obama got away with it so they are not worried about her.

    • isn't that the truth

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