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  • THIS CITY HAS BEEN UNDER DEMOCRATIC RULE FOR AS LONG AS I HAVE BEEN ALIVE (and More) Born 1953 SouthEast Chicago, LEFT 1971 (Thanks Mom and Dad)-!!! IT WAS A VIOLENT CITY THEN and HAS NEVER CHANGED-!!! In 1972 (the 1st Time I Voted in FLORIDA) and I VOTED REPUBLICAN-!!! If You Keep ELECTING the SAME CRAP and Expecting Different Results YOU ARE A FOOL-!!! and the Minorities Keep Living The Same for the past 100 years-!!! SAD-   WAKE UP PEOPLE-!!!

  • Our third largest city will continue to be the Chicago-k corrall as long as Mayor Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age is in charge. Period. 

  • based upon what i read about what's going on in chicago; no elected official seems upset over black children being shot at a horrific rate in chicago

  • You have to be brain dead to vote or support the left.

    • Unfortuantely all too many people are just that.

  • Until the CITIZENS of CHICAGO get off their butts and get rid of the corrupt and incompetant DEM Politicians nothing will change. 

    • Truer words were never spoken

    • Chicago has been a hell hole for as long as I can remember; unfrotunately I don't see it changing.

  • Mayor Beatle Juce, typical Democrat. 

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