Flagpole vanalized

Who is surprised by this?  As long as the dummies want to elect progressive/socialists to be mayors and governors, expect a lot more of this.  Look at that psychopath Deblasio.......out painting the street with grafittii. He is a perfect example of a self loathing racist that hates the US.  His and the rest like him (mayors of Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Seattle etc) are essentially mentally defective creatures that wormed their way into political positions because of the BS they spew to the dumbed down masses.  Those who are destroying monuments (property of all the people) as well as looters, muggers, fire bombers should be shot when caught in the act.  A few of them to "pay their ultimate price" might get the rest of the cowards to think twice before doing their crimes.  I applaud the couple that protected their house in a community that was being attacked by a mob........just proof that the 2nd amendment is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. 

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