Joe Biden’s consideration of Hillary Rodham Clinton for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is being met with a big N-O from Senate Republican insiders.

One key aide told Secrets that it is “doubtful” the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee would even get a confirmation vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

And even if she did, and the GOP still controlled the Senate, it is very unlikely that it would win a full Senate OK.

Another top aide said her chances of getting approved are “slim to none.”

As the report of Biden’s consideration of Clinton spread, Republican chatter both rejected her and nodded approvingly that it would be “quite a gift to get Hillary back,” said one source.

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  • We must not concede anything.  Stand fast and be prepared for  w  @  r  .

  • To ensure that evil being never steps foot in the UN as US Ambassador, never let the Senate go to full adjournment -- keep the Senate in pro forms session so Joe can't make an off session appointment.

  • Biden isn't legally declared the winner of the rigged election. He should stop pretending he is certainly not while we have Trump in office. Isn't it illegal to be an imposter like that? 

  • Biden should stop paying the role as president because President Trump will show the American people how the election was stolen and by who.

  • How convenient.  Then Killary can withhold her votes until a donation of no less than a million dollars is paid each time into the Clinton Foundation.  It worked well with her gift of OUR uranium to Russia.

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