• Anybody who says Trump is dividing the country hasn't seen the hordes of people at his rallies. He's doing just the opposite. He's bringing people together in a way I've never seen before. People need to stop listening to leftist propaganda, and the BS that Biden has been putting out. The Communist way is to brain wash people into their way of thinking and place the blame for everything on Trump. Just like they blamed everything on the Jews. I just red a text that someone displayed that said she got to his rally in Arizona and there were so many people there she couldn't even get past the second spillover crowd to see him. Obama is touting that big lie about Trump tearing the country apart when he's the one who did that himself. Trump is mending what he did and he doesn't like it because people are beginning to see him for what he is.

    • Unfortunately it is POSs like general matthis and bob woodward. These despicable piles have sold their souls to the deep state. They have classified patriots, religious people as the enemies of America, their America, where corruption runs rampant, laws are trampled on, our U.S. Constitution is being used for hillary to wipe her nasty rear end is their utopia. James Esper should be investigated to the full extent. All the pentagon generals as well. They have all sold America, doing obama's bidding to this day. It is becoming very clear how our forefathers did not allow those of muslim politics become American citizens, and now our government is full of them, all the while Christianity and Judaism is being attacked. The intent is to make sharia law the rule of the land, destroying our Constitutional rights and squelching our rule of law. Through total chaos, those that have destroyed other nation's rule and set in place their puppets want to do that to America.


  • I've been saying things along these lines for some time now but I've been ignored or humored because I'm just a dumb old woman. I keep going back to the fact that it's a presidents responsibility to see that his people and the country is taken care of and also protected from foreign and domestic enemies. What we have is domestic enemies. Terrorists. I find it hard to understand how certain laws have been established to tie a presidents hands to the point where he's unable to do his duty to insure the safety and well being of the people. I don't believe that our fore fathers when drawing up the Constitution had any stipulations inserted in it to allow for this to happen. It's politicians themselves through the years who have redesigned that document by adding more burocracy and double talk to make it impossible to deal with the type of crime that has been taking place with the riots and people running out of control. It would make a good horror film entitled, "IT'S IN THE WATER!" 

    Many times I have felt frustrated and said that Trump needs to forget about waiting to get permission from the governors of those troubled states and just go ahead and do what's necessary. Suffer the flash back afterwards. At the risk of being called a dictator what's the difference? What does it matter anyhow since they've already gone so far as to impeach him? A dictator has more control over things than a leader of the free world. I find that very sad. This free world is supposed to be run by the will of the people for the good of the people and the country. I cannot believe in all honesty that the will of the people is that wanting to destroy and kill. Not the sane ones at least. So I'd like to tell Trump to just go ahead and do what he must whether those insane governors like it or not. Not enough people have awakened to the fact that we are once again fighting Communism / Socialism here in our dear country. Thay cannot imagine what those two plagues on humanity are like because most of them weren't born when we were fighting a war to help other countries rid themselves of it and to keep it from coming here. I didn't exist yet either but I've read about it and know it when I see it. They haven't read enough into history to know what it is and what it does to a once free society of innocent people. We now have people in high places in our government who want to transform our country into the same place those other countries were in when we had to help liberate them. But there is no one to help us liberate ourselves. We have to be our own liberators to wipe our country clean of this dark faction that has no regard for our lives nor respect for the country that we know and love. We must fight it with our votes, and keep insisting that our president be allowed to serve us.

  • The President is being given some very bad advice concerning the seriousness of the insurrection and covert Marxist insurgency operating in the public squares of America... he needs to fire the pettifoggers who are telling him he can do nothing to enforce our laws... when in fact he can declare martial law...and if he does the first ones to be arrested need to be in the DOJ, FBI and various other intel and law enforcement agencies who have permitted the lawlessness to get out of hand.

    The President needs to be very concerned over the bad Legal Advice he is getting ... it has become extremely disconcerting that lawyers have to approve every move the President makes... as it clearly declares that they (the lawyers), not the people,  not the President, are in charge of their government.  Time to shake off the shackles of these corrupt pettifoggers, they know what they are doing is unconstitutional... That many of the legal opinions they render are unconstitutional.  I would recommend that the President seek and obtain outside legal advice from places like Judicial Watch and Jay Sekulow's ACLJ, as the deep state has infiltrated all of the key government legal staff... including the career attorney's in the White House and DOJ... etc.

    Government by JUDICIAL FIAT must END... if we are to have a representative government, which reflects the will of the people, and our founders intent...  the President must find good legal advice. The Marxist and pragmatic lawyers in the DOJ and the ACTIVIST JUDGES have turned the law against the people... the Law has become the whip of tyrants.... it is no longer the servant of the People.

    • Christ said :Whoa to you Lawyers",  doesn't get much easier than that to understand what Lawyers are doing  or not doing...As far as Martial Law, you are absolutely right and should be initiated sooner before its to late....

    • Agree completely Colonel. As I replied to you once before:

      This fight is for keeps. Playing by The Marquis of Queensbury rules will get us all killed.



    • I totally agree with you, Ronald but also include the demoncrat mayors and governors of the offending states!!

    • this is a purely demonic period situation.

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