Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz compares George Floyd riots to 'military ...

The federal government has denied a request from Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz for federal funds to rebuild and repair fire damage from the unrest that followed George Floyd’s death.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Walz’s spokesman Teddy Tschann confirmed that the request for federal aid was denied, saying the governor is “disappointed.”

Walz had asked President Donald Trump on July 2 to declare a “major disaster” in a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency because of extensive damage to public infrastructure following the death of Floyd on May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against the handcuffed Black man’s neck for nearly eight minutes. Four since-fired officers have been charged in the case.

A preliminary assessment of damage found more than $15 million of damages directly related to the fires. Around 1,500 businesses were damaged. Among the public structures destroyed was a Minneapolis police station that was a focus of the protests.

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  • You reap what you sow! If you have any brains you will move out of that State as fast ss you can. 

  • One in the eye for the cowards in state and local government. You broke it? You fix it

  • how much will minneaplis lose in tourists revenue over this

  • Hey, dumb Gov. Walz, you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  to stop the looting, rioting, burning and destruction in Minneapolis!!!  You let it happen and to continue!! You deserve NO MONEY!! You reap what you sow!!!

    • Waltz declined federal troops and delayed using the National Guard as the President suggested... the resulting damage occurred from the Governor's refusal to put down the riots...  I wouldn't give them a dime.

  • Use the money you are taking away from the cops and sue the ones instigating this ie Soros 


  • LAUGHING MY *** OFF, God Bless Trump!!! LOL

    Daddy, I bwoke it, can I have some money to fix it?

    No son, You fix it, You broke it. 

This reply was deleted.