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  • It's amazing to me how little most people know about organized crime right in their own little hometowns,

    Do you have fast food outlets?   If you do, and there is a trash dumpster on the property, I guarantee you that organized crime is involved in collecting from the trash collection company.   Yes, they control the cost of your burgers.   And, even residential trash hauling companies pay the 'big guys' not to destroy their companies.   My father bought a trash company and ran it a while and then decided it was TOO DIRTY for him to be involved in.   That was in a small, 1 mile square town of 1000 people.   There was a historical property there that was called the Governor Haines Mansion.   The mob put the hit on them and they didn't pay up.   It was burned to the ground.   They really didn't even do any business there.   It was a family home.

    And, you have health inspectors, building inspectors, sewage inspectors.   Guaranteed they have their palms out at inspection time.   And, you get NOTHING FOR THE FEE.   NO GUARANTEE OF ACCEPTABILITY.   NO GUARANTEE IT WILL WORK.   One tried to put the hit on my father for a sewage system he was installing.   He made the hit and my father said he wasn't playing that game.   If the system didn't meet the inspection requirements, the inspector would have to tell him what was wrong with it.   Well, the inspector caved and found that there was one contractor in town that didn't do the bribes.   

    Why do you think Donald Trump is so brash?   He spent over 50 years dealing with highway robbers like these.   It's stand up or get run over.   NYC is as corrupt as they come in the construction industries.

    My first home was being worked thru the channels as soon as I turned 21.   ALL OF THE PERMITS ADDED UP TO $2OO FOR THAT HOUSE AND THE WATER WELL DRILLING.   YOU COULD NOT GET EVEN THE BUILDING PERMIT FOR $200 TODAY.   YOU ARE LOOKING AT SEPTIC PERMITS,  3 PERMITS TO DRILL THE WELL.   A perk test & permit.   My septic system cost $200.  Ten years ago, they were going for about $2500 and up.   Same system, same permit.   JUST BIGGER CROOKS AS INSPECTORS.

    YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY HOMES ARE SO EXPENSIVE?   Well you are looking at a minimum of $10,000 to grease the skids.

  • WHODATHUNKIT.   An honest judge.   He can kiss his career goodbye.   Corruptocrats will never stand for it.

    Hope his life insurance is paid up.

    Probably a 3 shot, with 3 separate weapons, suicide,   Another good American falls to the corruptocrats.

  • I suspect Sussman's suicide is imminent.

    • More likely an 'Arkancide'!

    • Would not surprise me one bit!


  • Hang nails can be fatal in a month ...

    Arkancide, anyone?

  • That's a month away....much can happen!

  • I am glad he is going to trial - should be very interesting [but of course if you listen only to the msm, you won't hear anything about it].  But the Justice Department, if they really want to hear what this person has to say, better be certain he is well protected.  It seems that people associated with the de"mock"rat party or their operatives; have a way of committing suicide while in custody.  Very strange how that happens [she said facetiously)]!

    • Martha, I agree!!!!!  I believe arkancide is his very near future because he can sink the clinton crime cartel just as epstein could have had he testified in a trial.  The pimp, maxwell, is very likely to die soon also!!!!!!!!!!


  • If they actually go through with it, should be the best dog and pony show ever seen.


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