A federal judge has ordered the release of a constitutional rights activist accused by prosecutors of masterminding a conspiracy to storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Thomas Caldwell, 65, is being placed in home confinement after Judge Amit Mehta rejected arguments from prosecutors that Caldwell was some sort of terror mastermind who posed a major flight risk. Mehta noted that Caldwell never actually entered the Capitol building himself when deciding to release him from jail.

“There is an absence of direct evidence, at least, of planning by Caldwell to enter the Capitol building,“ Mehta said during a Friday afternoon hearing over videoconference. “Ultimately, he did not enter the building. … Others did actually carry out the plan.”

The Justice Department is having a difficult time making their case with actual evidence showing that there was a coordinated plot among Trump supporters beforehand to overtake the Capitol. This case is crucial for providing the basis to keep the Capitol locked down and using the war on terror to target Christian patriots.

“Those factors still exist for them,” said assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Rakoczy during the proceeding, “that the current political order is something that is problematic and should not be followed.”

The feds under President Joe Biden want to make it so that every individual who dissents to illicit government activity using their 1st Amendment rights is treated as a terrorist threat.

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  • The lefts desired "END" does not resemble the facts.
    There were two groups at the capital building with widely divergent agendas and motives. One group, Trump supporters, was there to exercise their constitutional rights and support congress and the VP in their duties as per the twelfth amendment. The other, ANTIFA & BLM, was there to visit as much violence as possible on the proceedings to disrupt congress and to get the violence blamed on the first group.

    • Roger, you are spot on and the 2nd group knew how the devildemocommiecrats and their Pravda/Goebbels propagandists would react!!!!!!!!!!  

    • There was a coordinated and planned effort by Antifa and BLM to storm the Capital and cause as much destruction as possible, the blame it on the Trump Supporter. I actually saw a video that showed them all on a social group web chat talking about it and planning it. Of course, that will never come out. It was always about stealing the election. They even were planning mass riots in all major cities, in case they didn't succeed in stealing the election. 

  • I still urge every one to go to you tube and type in the search bar these words. "Amerika, TV mini series." This mini series was broadcast in 1985. It stars Chris Christopherson. Eveything in that show is happening now. The American flag is banned. Speech is suppressed. No congregating with friends. The military is deployed in the country sides and in the major cities. The UN also has foriegn troops deployed in the country. All under the guise of "home grown terrorists"! The show is approxamatly 10 hours long. 

    • I agree, we should spread the news about this movie it should open a lot of eyes.


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