A federal judge has ordered the release of a constitutional rights activist accused by prosecutors of masterminding a conspiracy to storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Thomas Caldwell, 65, is being placed in home confinement after Judge Amit Mehta rejected arguments from prosecutors that Caldwell was some sort of terror mastermind who posed a major flight risk. Mehta noted that Caldwell never actually entered the Capitol building himself when deciding to release him from jail.

“There is an absence of direct evidence, at least, of planning by Caldwell to enter the Capitol building,“ Mehta said during a Friday afternoon hearing over videoconference. “Ultimately, he did not enter the building. … Others did actually carry out the plan.”

The Justice Department is having a difficult time making their case with actual evidence showing that there was a coordinated plot among Trump supporters beforehand to overtake the Capitol. This case is crucial for providing the basis to keep the Capitol locked down and using the war on terror to target Christian patriots.

“Those factors still exist for them,” said assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Rakoczy during the proceeding, “that the current political order is something that is problematic and should not be followed.”

The feds under President Joe Biden want to make it so that every individual who dissents to illicit government activity using their 1st Amendment rights is treated as a terrorist threat.

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  • Well we just got Wisconsin & Illinois. Even New Jersey is revising it. Got to keep the faith. It's our last hope to take the power away from the federal government. Really shocked, Georgia election reform will take away the power from the corrupt Secretary of State. At least one state is doing something. Henry county Superior court judge is considering a complete review of all ballots in Fulton county, as well. 93% adjudication tells you that there are people in Fulton county that need to be in jail. Keep the faith. Patriots will win over communism 

  • The most honest media outlet in the United States - no bias - just the facts.

    Federal Judge Alleges Democrats Are Close to Controlling All Major News Outlets
    A federal judge this week said that the Democrat Party is close to controlling the press as he ...
  • Funny you can tell who the sheep are and every democommiecrat is, they are the ones wearing a mask when driving their car..


    • We have huge grassroots effort - has exploded since the election. We have volunteers and leaders now in all 50 states. Illinois just passed COS. Please join our grassroots army and sign the petition. We will invoke article V of the Constitution, force Term Limits and A Balanced Budget Amendment just for starters. Let's kick the Rhinos and Democomunists out of washing DC. It's time to take our country back. www.Convention   

    • Could have fooled me... why haven't the GOP Red States acted in unison to call for an Article 5 Convention... something is rotten in Denmark and it isn't the cheese.  Calling a convention is one thing.... getting 38 States in Convention to agree on passing a proposed Amendment is quite another thing.  If we can't get them to call the Convention in over 10yrs of effort how will we get an agreement on any Amendments?  This is not looking good.

    • A Convention Of States would actually be worthless at this point... Seems like more are starting to sign on lately (Out Of Fear) but To Damned Late..! An Article 5 COS can't be done in the matter of a few months and COS Could Be Very Dangerous At That..! It Takes Some Very Serious Thought and Negotiating To Make Amendments To The Constitution... Every Time There Is An Amendment Made To The Constitution It Could Change The Entire Body Of The Constitution..! A Convention Of States Should Have Been Called Several Years Ago Before We Evere Got To The Point We Are At Now..! 


    • Good point Sandra, biteme is trying to get every white republican  put in jail, and be labled a racist so their communist scum like biteme can screw the country over.

  • "The feds under President Joe Biden want to make it so that every individual who dissents to illicit government activity using their 1st Amendment rights is treated as a terrorist threat."

    Sometimes the dems mean what they say sometimes they don't, their "truth" is through smoke and mirrors, and their intent is obvious to all patriots for decades now... that's why a well known founder said "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." --President John Adams to the Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts, 1798.1

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