• The videos got burned destroy or lost this are the words from the FBI and DOJ will be saying. If the government could cover the the Assassination of the late president JFK don't you think they can cover up for a video or stolen election 

  • There is over 14,000 hours of video that the FBI has yet they will not release any of it to the defense attorney's or to the public. Why are we still sitting on our asses?

  • The J6 detainees are political pawns for the democrats and deep state. This extended incarceration is wrong.  This is not justice but persecution

  • Without the revealing of "All Evidence", a " Persecution cannot be called a Trial!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Why should it take a federal judge’s OK to release something that should be public property?

    The censorship that politicians have been able to create to cover their crimes is vital to their agenda.

    Without total control of the flow of information the corona PLANdemic could never have happened.

    The theft of the 2020 election is another major event that their censorship has been able to hide from most Americans.

  • Dam, I love it.  A judge that actually seems to have some guts AND integrity!!!!!!!!!

  • Justice has been perverted by most of our Justices... finally, a Judge that sees the danger in politicizing the law to promote the arbitrary and capricious rule of despots... the current political fad.

    • Yup!  Well said, Ron!  Drats!  Does this mean that they will not arrest me?  I was there.  Be still mine heart. Woe is me.  I was so full of glee in anticipation of free HVAC, free food, free clothing, free utilities.  I could have accrued so much money on the fed's $.  Drat, dfrat, double drat.  Oh well, just another day!  Now where is my BP medicine?

  • Maybe for once they found an honest Judge who will let the cards fall where they may.


    • Easy now, blind squirrel finds a nut and all that. 

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