5286570663?profile=RESIZE_584xThe federal judge who refused a Justice Department request to immediately drop the prosecution of former Trump adviser Michael Flynn has hired a high-profile trial lawyer to argue his reasons for investigating whether dismissing the case is legally or ethically appropriate.

In a rare step that adds to this criminal case’s already unusual path, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has retained Beth Wilkinson to represent him in defending his decision to a federal appeals court in Washington, according to a person familiar with the hire who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is now examining the judge’s actions and the larger case against Flynn after lawyers for President Trump’s former national security adviser asked the court to force Sullivan to toss Flynn’s guilty plea.

Wilkinson, known for her top-notch legal skills and get-results style, is expected to file a notice with the court in the coming week about representing the judge. She declined to comment when reached Friday evening. Sullivan also declined to comment through his office.


A federal judge doesn’t typically hire private counsel to respond to an appeals court, and yet so much about Flynn’s case has been a departure from the norm. A defendant doesn’t normally plead guilty under oath and then try to withdraw that admission, as Flynn did. The Justice Department almost never drops a case once it has essentially won a conviction, a signed guilty plea, as Attorney General William P. Barr ordered earlier this month.

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    • renmember Judge Sullivan was a judge diring the Obama administration that's where racist come in Mr. Flynn is a white guy just remember this.

    • Agreed!  Preferable resign and accept consequences for his actions!


  • this is pure racism.

  • "to argue his reasons for investigating whether dismissing the case is legally or ethically appropriate."  What???

    This was a case brought by the DOJ (The United States) versus General Flynn...the case went to "court" and after the "trial" began, new evidence surfaced after the defendant pled guilty "under duress"...The DOJ decided, considering the new evidence, that the case:  US vs. Flynn had no basis due to irregularities in the initial collection of evidence. Also, there was no 4th Amendment Warrant issued to surveil General Flynn making any "evidence" of wrong doing inadmissable even if found...DOJ has droppedd the charges, the Judge has no "case" to "try" it is all moot. Question: What will this "attorney" bring to the table which will overcome the basic fact that General Flynn's 4th Amendment. 5th Amendment and 6th Amendment rights were violated?

    • This is part of the "NEW NORM".   They don't give a damn about the facts, truth, the Constitution, Civil Rights.  Those all interfere with their getting rich, and ruling the world agenda.

  • The fastest way for Sullivan to be removed from the bench is by a sniper.

    • Finally,  someone who has some brains! 

    • extreme_stick_figure_thumbs_up_md_wm_v2.gif

    • Agreed!


  • Judges can be impeached. What do you see?

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