• Only got as far as page 40.  That's where it really seems to get interesting.   

    Up til that point there were several 'looks' into Mr D'Alesandro.  And a son that was charged with rape and got off.   And was subsequently tried for lying under oath. That wasn't the biggest problem though.  There were multiple questions of questions regarding his dealings with COMMUNISTS.

    Page 40 reads like a Major Crime Racketeer.   There were mentions of running numbers, Murders, and various other crimes.   Didn't take sufficient time at this point to get into the nitty gritty.  And, more COMMUNIST STUFF.


    That's page 40 of 284.

    The rotten fruit doesn't roll far from the rotten fruit tree?


  • I haven't read it yet (and not sure, with everything else going on this weekend!) that I'll have enough time, but I thought it was common knowledge that Pelosi's family (from Baltimare) was up to their eyeballs in Mafia-related and Mafia-style criminal activity!!  Her father was a REAL "political boss" in the old-fashion meaning of that word!!  Not that the "sins of the father" should be visited on the daugher, but perhaps this is a case of "The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree!!"

    • You could save a little time and start at page 40. 

      Believe me, you won't have any sympathy over the pighead at her garage door.   Could have added a few more similar critters.

    • That's how it reads.   Every page has at least a half dozen sets of initials of those signing off on it.

    • Marlene, that just shows how corrupt they are.  If they can see all that stuff and sign that they read it why hasn't anything been done!!!!!  Sounds like a bunch of corrupticrats that were too dirty to stand up because it would take them down too.  That is the problem in government today, the ones who ignore things like vote FRAUD have so much dirt on them they will be taken down if they try to do what is right and don't want to lose their honey pot!!!!!

    • They crime family a.k.a government will take you down for ratting them out even if you're dirtless!


  • The whole family is like the Mafia - they lie, and steal and sell out their country!

    • yes, corruption, greed, and satan are what devildemocommiecrt patry stands for, absolute power and wealth!!!!!


  • Yeah, and she's just as bad if not worse.

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