FBI's top lawyer, Dana Boente, ousted

FBI's top lawyer resigns as agency faces pressure from President ...

After a 38-year career with the Justice Department, the FBI's top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

His departure comes on the heels of recent criticism by Fox News for his role in the investigation of former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

A spokesman for the FBI confirmed to NBC News that Boente did in fact resign on Friday.

Fox News has recently criticized Boente's role in the investigation of Flynn, whose criminal charge for lying to the FBI was recently dropped by the Justice Department based in part on the argument that his lies were not material to an underlying investigation.

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    • The only old farts being allowed to remain in such positions are those who are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power... they are unprincipled, unethical, compromised souls... who would sell out their mothers to retain power. That is why senior members of the Civil Service, who are political appointees, should be TERM LIMITED ... 1 Term, 6yrs, with 1/3rd of them being replaced with new appointments every' 2 yrs. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely... rotate those with great power frequently... no matter how well they perform.

  • Im sorry, Its really not my business, BUT please we have to stay focused on the principals of what The Tea Party is all about. Please, We have to be one. God Bless you all involved.


  • Keep calm he will get his Barr Metsva after I your ineterant Samurai moyel give him with my flashing Samrai sword named "Tipoff"!

  • Resign... no, he needs to be charged with felony obstruction, perjury, or a host of other crimes relating to falsifying or certifying falsified federal documents.  Individuals like him should be made examples for others... to discourage those who willfully engage in or sit idly by while serious felonies occur under their supervision or with their knowledge.  Resignation is to good for what certainly appears to be gross criminal knowledge and behavior.

    • another word in prison and have all of the inmate suck him to pieces.


  • Ya' know Dee....   You're really not much different from some of the thugs we're seeing across the country.   AGAIN, I've posted articles, they were there yesterday, and today, I go to those same links and get "Page not found", but the exact same article has been sent out by you with your name as the poster.   REALLY?   You just WON'T give anybody else credit for a damn thing STILL.  This is why you lost so many people then...   Still got to get your "revenge"?

    • Amazing... petulant, childish comments like the one above should be taken down... Dee, may well have come across the same news article and posted it... stop assigning negative motives to others.

      We should all be pleased that Steve and Dee give us all the opportunity to express our views with very few rules of conduct... Those rules of conduct on this site are essential to maintaining civil discourse. Dee is not vindictive and since her return to the site it has dramatically improved and in my opinion, is one of the best websites available for conservative debate. Your posts are appreciated, informative, and stand in testimony to your fine mind and ability to write... Be happy and CONTENT with knowing you are contributing to the conservative patriot cause. Dee and your posts are all appreciated.

    • No ronny,  it's not petulant or childish.  And who the hell are you to decide who's comments should be taken down?  She did NOT come across it at the same time, and what was the reason for her deleting the one I posted?   I assign what I damn well consider appropropriate WHEN I think it's appropriate.  And they DON'T give other a place to express our views when they delete articles we post.   In YOUR opinion?  I no longer consider YOUR opinions relevant and UNbiased.  If Dee appreciated all of our posts, then she wouldn't be deleting them.  Just because she hasn't been vindictive to YOU, doesn't mean she's not to others.  Get off your pedastal ronny.

    • I said... petulant, childish comments like the one above SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN... not must be.  I also have no authority to take down anyone's comments.  We will simply allow others to decide if the term PETULANT ... childishly sulky or bad-tempered fits.

    • Your title of colonel does not give  you the right to BULLY people.

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