It was transparently obvious over the past few days that something was happening in the background.  The Fourth Branch of Government, intelligence apparatus, Dept of Justice, FBI, and media enablers -writ large- began conducting an information warfare operation.

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It is not coincidental: (1) the collective media apparatus brought Chris Steele out of hiding for an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, and a rehabilitation of his Dossier effort; then (2) the intelligence apparatus began scrubbing the Dossier from public downloads; then (3) the FBI apparatus notifies the media in advance and shows up to raid the home of a central participant in the Dossier story line.  There are no coincidences of this connective scale.

This is a full-blown propaganda operation carried out by the DC-based Fourth Branch of Government.   These moves indicate a likelihood that John Durham is almost finished with the spray paint operation.   Remember, Lisa Monaco is Deputy AG, and John Carlin is back in the DOJ-NSD position. Both of them participated in the illegal weaponization and political surveillance operations against candidate Trump (that involved Deripaska), and both are now central to the ongoing clean-up and cover-up operation.

DC is a horrible and abusive vehicle; rusted to the core with metastatic corruption.  Bill Barr was the bondo application and John Durham is the spray paint.  The clear objective is to cover-up the corruption from public view and giving Oleg Deripaska the Julian Assange treatment is one part of that process.  The FBI is to Washington DC what the FSB represents to Moscow.

Today, FBI agents from DC’s main office as well as Washington Field Office (WFO) raided the home of Russian Billionaire Oleg Deripaska.   This move comes just 36 hours after CTH outlined the risk that Deripaska represents to all of the corrupt DC officials who participated in the Trump-Russia attack scheme. {Go Deep}

VIA NBC – FBI agents on Tuesday swarmed the home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in Washington, D.C., an agency spokesperson confirmed to NBC News.


The reason for their presence wasn’t immediately clear. The spokesperson said the agency is conducting “law enforcement activity at the home,” but wouldn’t elaborate.

The investigation is being led by federal investigators in New York City, according to two officials briefed on the matter.  (read more)

The FBI told news outlets what they were doing in advance so the cameras could be present as part of the operation (similar to the Roger Stone raid).  Unfortunately, most news consumers cannot see the script and performance that underpins the corrupt motive.  [NBC News Segment Here] and below is a lengthy video of the entire raid:


Christopher Steele was actually a contracted employee of Deripaska, at least Deripaska was paying Chris Steele for some type of work in the U.K.  Oleg Deripaska is a typically sketchy wealthy Russian with some quirky aspects to his humor.  Oleg’s U.S. lawyer was a guy named Adam Waldman.  You might remember that Adam Waldman was also the legal liaison between Chris Steele and SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner {Go Deep}.

Adam Waldman is the connective tissue between Chris Steele, Oleg Deripaska and another name from the SSCI, former staffer Dan Jones.  When Senator Chuck Grassley wanted to question the lawyer/lobbyist Adam Waldman, Waldman lied to avoid testimony {Go Deep}.  Unfortunately it was a line of Senate query that was quickly dropped.

read more here:

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  • Crooked FBI covering their tracks The old FBI would never alert the media of anything this bunch of scum leading the FBI now are part of the problem and are in on most of not all of the corruption 

  • Remember 4 or 5 yeqra ago when the FBI raided the Clinton Library in Little Rock and removed boxes of documents. They said it was evidence they needed for investigating Clinton Global Initiative. Nothing has been heard about it it since. So were those boxes taken to some place that has an incinerator? Seem that when ever the FBI gets invloved in investigating the left evidence seems to disappear, deleted, erased, bleachbit, smashed with hammers. FBI works for the deep state.

  • Bleach Bit operation. Wray has already shown to be legion with the enemy within.

  • "The FBI told news outlets what they were doing in advance so the cameras could be present as part of the operation (similar to the Roger Stone raid). "

    Roger Stone points out that this pre-notification of a warranted search or arrest is by policy and federal statute forbidden as an unnecessary risk to life.

  • It is nothing but a barrel of Snakes! Be careful one might get out and climb somewhere you don't want it to be.


  • If everyone was raided that was allegedly involved, who would be left to investigate?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • They raided the home of a Russian oligarch (Oleg Deripaska).  Why not all the US Government officials who were allegedly involved? 

  • Makes the average American Citizen feel like Helen Keller at Barnum and Bailey's Three Ring Circus!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • They are all so corrupt people think you can fix this by voting Barr Durham are all part of the same disgusting dirty system and the FBI what a disgrace from what it started out being to now just a political arm of whoever has the keys or should I say money 

    • My recollection is that from the early days of J.Edgar Hoover, the FBI has always been a corrupt & crooked organization. You cannot allow any government agency to hold the power that was usurped by this group. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. 


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