The FBI on Tuesday raided the Cleveland offices of a real estate company tied to a Ukrainian oligarch that owns several downtown buildings. FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson said agents were searching the offices of the Optima Management Group in One Cleveland Center at East 9th Street and St. Clair Avenue. Optima is a conglomerate of companies across the United States that has interests in real estate in Cleveland, including One Cleveland Center, the 55 Public Square building and the Westin Cleveland Downtown. Optima’s offices are visible from an entrance and windows on the side of One Cleveland Center, and on Tuesday multiple agents were seen carrying and moving computers, boxes and other items in the office. The plaza in front of the building was otherwise relatively quiet. Anderson said agents also executed search warrants at an office in Miami. A spokesman for the IRS also said his agency’s investigator’s were present. Federal authorities in Cleveland have been conducting a wide-ranging probe involving Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky that has been ongoing for quite some time. Kolomoisky is a principal of the Privat Group, a large Ukrainian business company, and principals of the company are also part of Optima. read more:

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  • How do you think the Leaders of China, Ukraine, Russia would see any meeting with any of the Biden corruptocrats?   They've already been hassled for the dough by these thugs.   They would have to see any election of this dementia patient as a really bad sign for the USA and the world.

    • and especially Putin. He sat and took their constant blaming everything on Russia. And yet, he responded not once. 

  • Nail these 2.   Enough of the 0bama/Bite Me/Killery CORRUPTION.   LOCK THEM ALL UP FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.   The country will be a lot cleaner place for it.

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    • If the demoncrats get in office you may not be able to own a weapon!

  • Anything to do with the Bidens????

  • Is there a Biden senior and Biden junior connection?

    • Does anybody really think anybody is really really going to be prosecuted? I'm betting that at best they will give up some underling, some scapegoat and the news will cycle on to more sensational stuff than that boring old old old stuff about Democrats being crimnals

    • The current betting odds are on your side.  Does anyone believe that Epstein committed suicide????

    • Right.   Epstein would have had to be on his knees and using a paper rope.    Righto.    MORE FAKE NEWS.

      And the woman will do the same a month or 2 before her trial is set to start.

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