• To "Abandon All Hope", One is entering the Gates of Hell. Never, never, never quit! Our biggest mistakes as Americans has been for far too long we have settled for the " Good Enough " in exchange for the "Best!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The FBI has been corrupted beyond repair .

  • The Gestapo and KGB are alive and the USA!!!!

  • No warrant justifies.

  • Look out Virginia and Wisconsin, New Mexico all governors are the same calibers!


  • This is one of thee most outrageous things I ever heard. I am with you Mrs. Bishop.FBI,you are disgusting.

  • Exactly Robert!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • America, Please stand Strong, have Faith... We can ENSURE RECOMPENCE for all of the 2021 Executive & Legislative, Immoral, Dis-values, and UNETHICAL affronts, to our Constitution and Rule of law,  at the November 2022, Mid-Term Elections.          YES' The democrats will still have the White House,  but that residence will be much like a JAIL House, when the Voice of We the people impacts a land slide correction of the Congress. ...PERIOD.

    • Not if they rig the elections again.

  • How horrible! 

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