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  • The FBI has had possession of Hunter Bidens laptop............and did nothing with it as their boss, the Chief Executive being incumbent candidate, and his family are lambasted to unbelievable levels by media propaganda, a hostile House, and a fickle SCOTUS?

    A better question shall be who, from the FBI director to the manager who directed sitting on the damning evidence, is fired for this?

    Subordinates who refuse allegiance are worse than useless. They are treacherous.

    • let's get to the bottom of this because it's going to grow and bite us in the butt sooner than later.

  •   That makes little sense.  They set on it during Trump's impeachment trial!  Maybe he's got somebody looking over their shoulder.  I've not seen any recent posys about what they might have found in the e-mails.  Are they being blocked by you tube, twitter, and facebook?

  • The problem with Joe Biden is he is not able to function as the president of the United State of America, and he has been the vice president for 8 years nothing to show forth is worthy for him to be the president, he deserve to be in jail along with the Obama administration. What his son is doing that should tell everyone he should be in jail period.

  • That's the October surprise that will have all Americans see how corrupt the Biden family is and that will have Trump win with a huge landslide. 

  • This is going nowhere in a hurry... FBI Dir Wray is not likely to do anymore now that it is exposed than when he first received it.  The Corruption in Government is massive and the President is being given horrible advice by agents of corruption. 

    Pres. Trump needs to establish a special counsel's division in the DOJ and staff it with law enforcement officers and Attorneys recruited from outside the government, to go after key members of the government suspected of corruption, obstruction of justice, sedition, insurrection.  Too, prosecute the senior government agents who have abused their offices by suborning perjury, and creating evidence to falsely accuse the President of serious crimes.

    The failure to prosecute criminal conduct within the DOJ and FBI must end.  It is time to establish a sitting Grand Jury to review the volumes of evidence and testimony of criminal conduct alleged to have occurred in the senior levels of the Administration and Congress.  Indictments must be properly issued where probable cause warrants prosecution.  Obstruction of justice, suborning perjury, sedition, insurrection other associated criminal conduct appears to be rampant in the DOJ, FBI, DHS, and intel community.  These gross violations of the law must be subject to the rule of law.

  • In my following the sordid trek of the Biden criminal clan, I am finding that the American People have not had their fill yet.   Something - somewhere - sometimes, an incident will happen that will trigger "We The People" into action, and when that comes about we all will know that it is time for us to take over and stop the tyranny we will be facing.   It does appear, however, that President Trump is on to something in draining the Washington swamp.   I think enough is enough now that Biden and his son have shown their ass, and laughing about their criminal ways.   We certainly cannot stand much more of this.  With Comey gone, and now Wray at the helm of the FBI.....I am seeing that someone hiding in the shadows is still in control of what happens in the offices and halls of the FBI.   Influenced perhaps by yet another criminal element.   I have felt for a long time that Hillary is not that intelligent enough to concoct all this Russian mess, the dossier, the coverup that seems to be ongoing.   I feel that we're seeing the fruits of Bill Clinton and that he has had so much influence over all areas of government.   He I feel is the brains behind what we're seeing come to light.  Just thinking out-loud folks.  

  • OK! The FBI has Hunter Biden's laptop. Now, what are they going to do with it? Sit on it for another year??? Fire Christopher Wray!!! Light a fire under Bill Barr!!!

    • They will smash it with hammers.

  • It does not matter FBI will not do anything ,they have had thisalmost a year during Trumps impeachment and did nothing but bury it. Yes bad apples every where but FBI from top to middle is all deep state.So arethe DOJ  and CIA and Pentagon.So with that being said no one has done a perk walk locked up no indictments ,only people who believe in God constitution law and order goto jail  like Flynn swatteam atRoger Stones.So There is no help coming no Calvery to save the day.It is left up to the citizens and that bad evil word miltias3%ers.When you fear government its tyranny when the government fears youits liberty and we are in the middle.Igive this with all my heart join like minded people save food and meds water so on NOV3rd will be hell on earth and cops won't be there to help they will stand down

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