• The truth........they aren't telling us the truth!

  • The FBI was corrupted during the Obama administration just as the IRS was corrupted . I believe that the in order to "drain the swamp" a Convention Of The States" must be held . The Convention has the power to right the wrongs ,impose term limites of theCongress .  Protect the Constitution and Bill Of Rights from those that work to do away with it . The 2020 election is proof that "We The People" need to take back our country from those that would  change it from a Government By The People For The People into a  Government For And By The Elites .

  • Why are they not looking for the bomber... SIMPLE... they know exactly who he is and where he is... probably teaching a course on explosives at the FBI Academy. 

  • They know exactly what went on but exposing the truth is not what they want to do!!!!!  They want to destroy America!!!!!!!!!!

  • They know and probably paid him

  • One of theirs....they cover for him!

  • Pelosi, the Democrats, and the FBI instigated this. That's who should be in jail.

  • The "pipe bomber" was, no doubt, and FBI operative, "staging a play" to create more distraction and discord.

  • And so the corruption continues…
    I would think that more people would be more intelligent – more awakened – than this. Consider. Either there is ‘a God’ – and all that that factor implies, of a larger reality than just this one that we perceive through our physical senses – or there is not. If there is not – and thus no real purpose to life, beyond just in and for itself only, as an accident of Nature – then nothing really matters anyway, and one might just as well live strictly for oneself as not. But if there is, however – and there is 
    considerable evidence in to that fact by now – then certain things follow. It follows, for one thing, that there is perfect Justice in the experience, for there would be Plan in and Purpose to the whole exercise. (Think of Life as a school, for us ‘pieces of the continent, parts of the main’ of our Creator Source, learning lessons along The Way.) So there is no real ‘getting away with’ anything. It is all recorded, and ‘played back’ to us at our next stage of development, for us to see how we did in that crack at our lesson book. So it is childish for all this corruption crap to continue. Time to wake up; and graduate to the next level of our education. As befits our better natures, as the ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ that we are.
    Graduate school: Here we come. Those who are ready TO graduate, that is to say. For the other incarnate souls amongst us: Better luck next time around. In this (spiritual equivalent of) elementary school for gods in the making.  For how could it be otherwise?  We are fractals of The One.  The intended End of The Story.

    • In reading this over, I realize that I wasn't clear in my closing comment.  My intention was to indicate that "The intended End of The Story" is to beome AS One with our Maker; and leave the rest - the educational part; the 'Story' - behind.

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