New Court Docs Contain Exculpatory Evidence For Gen Flynn ...

The FBI announced Friday that Director Chris Wray has ordered an internal review of the handling of the bureau’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, which will include examining whether current FBI employees "engaged in misconduct."

“FBI Director Christopher Wray today ordered the Bureau’s Inspection Division to conduct an after-action review of the Michael Flynn investigation,” the bureau said in a statement.

The review will be handled by the bureau’s Inspection Division, the FBI said. That division is similar to an internal affairs office in a police department.

The bureau said the “after-action review” will have a two-fold purpose: evaluating the FBI’s role in the case and determining whether any “current employees engaged in misconduct,” as well as identifying whether any “improvements” might be warranted to FBI procedures.

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  • This wray guy is worthless. Get someone in that office who will root out every corrupt agent in the whole justice department. Somebody like Trey Gowdy, Gen. Flynn, or Bill O'Reilly. This goes ABOVE the rank and file of the FBI and the Justice Department. The leadership is guilty too!

    • when I was in college a teacher told me "everything rises or fall on leadership" that is so true that is exactly wher we are at right now.

  • Is this a joke? At this point,the FBI needs to be totally reconstructed.

    • I agree the FBI needs to be reconstructed.

    • It needs to be totally abolished.

  • The fox is guarding the chicken cope again.

  • I know the one on the left is that brave American hero General Flynn, the one on the right is that America, Constitution, Rule of Law hating assclown barrreeehhh sotero.

  • I surely did not vote for Obama.

  • Is this like bankrobbers picked to investigate their bank robbery?

    • Shane: That was my first thought, you said it for me. What a joke and a waste of time!

This reply was deleted.