• I am wondering if the biteme scum will try to make a executive order to GET IT or else. And my wife, and I refuse to get it also.  You know that illegals don't have to get the shot but we do!

  • I respect President Trump, but Fauci can shove the vaccine right up his...

  • Just how long are the citizens of America going to put up with the lies and propaganda being regurgitated by the mainstream media? This corona bullshit has been used to put us all in a 21st century version of a smart prison for over a year now. Many of our small businesses have been destroyed, our election process has been turned into a total farce, and communism has become our future.

    Most of the world is running around wearing masks just because a “New World Order” mouthpiece and several talking heads on CNN told us we have to. Has anyone done any research at all into the background of corona gurus Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates?

    When exactly does ENOUGH become ENOUGH???


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  • STUPID It will kill so many


  • there is no way I am getting it.

  • Drop dead, NWO TOOL!

  • Knowing that he wants Trump supporters to get it I will not. Probably want to wipe us out. 

    • Husband and I are not getting it, either. Fauci can "F" right off.

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