Hitler Was a Left-wing Socialist Liberal - Fact or Myth?

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    • I signed. Thank you.

  • He can shove it up where the sun doesn't shine!  I will not give up my individual rights - ever!  How dare this paid quack demand such a thing from any of us!

  • Reincarnation is proven. Dr. Mengele has returned. What will be his next experiment?

  • The only thing we need to give up is your little ass.  Don't have a clue why you are still  on the payroll and not in jail.  


  • Fauci, give up your life for the greater good!!  WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!

  • Time for Faucci to give up his rights and freedom. Arrest and Hang the Monster who created and promoted the Covid 19 Virus.

  • Says the most dangerous person on this planet who is owned by China & Big Pharma  

        Fauci changes his mind weekly. His original statement was right, mask don’t work. Most mask are USLESS, just a political tool to destroy our economy. The N95 is right on the edge, the surgical and homemade mask do not stop the virus and that is while changing mask daily. However, all affect your carbon dioxide. To prove it, put the thing on and try to blow out a match. If you can, it’s worthless, if you can’t, it’s effecting your ability to expel carbon dioxide. While distancing is fine and should be abided by, DO NOT wear the mask outside! Fresh air and sunshine stopped the Spanish flu in 1911, not hiding in a confined room. Remember, viruses live in a warm moist environment, the mask is perfect.

         What he SHOULD have pushed was temp AND blood oxygen test for ALL people entering ALL public facilities, work places, transit hubs, schools, nursing homes, etc. HE DIDN’T! These two test are instant and the testing equipment cost less then 30 bucks each! If the people fail, (temp 100+ or blood oxygen 94-) THEY need a Covid test immediately! If they test positive, they need to get the needed therapeutics regiment immediately, (don’t believe the liberal news, they work)! BTW, none of the Democratic run states are allowing them.

    They do NOT  need to be hospitalized, but need to be quarantined with the needed therapeutics regiment. As for mask, leave that up to the individual facilities when inside their premises. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there.

        Abbott medical now has a Covid tester that test WITH results in as little as 10 minutes (Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test).  When not being used for COVID-19 testing, “ID NOW” is the leading molecular point-of-care platform for Influenza A&B, Strep A and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) testing.

      The people that test negative, can go on their way. Those who test positive for Covid need to be taken to the nearest medical facility to get on the needed therapeutics. If we do that, we can get back to work tomorrow.




    • You are exactly correct regarding the useless masks.  Example:  If human gas can make it through underwear and a pair of pants, how can a mask stop something as volatile as Coivid?

    • I like the way you put that :>)

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