• Piece of crap VERMIN, FUMIGATE his ass!

  • Fauci's vaccines are poison!!!!!!

  • The real scientists do not agree with your "science".  What you are saying is so far from the truth and the science.  God have mercy on you.

  • He lies even here when cornered! He is an arrogant asshole. TexasLadyJuanita

  • Squirmy Wormy.

  •  Satan  is the father of lies, and Fauci is the son of satan.  His time is up soon.



    Anthony Fauci sees the attack dog narrative he has used, turned upon him barring all its teeth.

    Fauci knows that if he steps down or is forced out due to ineffectiveness, his liberty or even his life is measured in months.

    As a liability, he is preferred expendable as a loose-end that threatens perpetrators of this medical farce nightmare.

    Fauci saw what happened when Jeffrey Edward Epstein became a liabilty.














    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, who has been attached lavishly to the public teat for decades.

  • It is beyond Fauci. The scenario more resembles Dr. Menglella of the Nazi Concentration Camps saying, "I'm a very good Doctor children, and when I am done doing what Our Government requires that I do to you, I'll give you a Lollipop!" I'm sure He smiled sweetly also, and none of those Children ever lived to get Their Lollipop!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Fauci, the "Father of Covid". Indict Fauci! 

  • Darpa released the proof that Faucci created and funded the Chain of Function Virus with plans to release it on the world.  They then sent the research to Wuhan with funding and the Chinese released it on the world. ARREST and HANG this Monster!!!!

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