• Ah, the secret, at last...

    • My wife made mine.  Keeps it in my hat box.


    • Okay, assuming this is the good-natured banter of a comedy team, who is the foil?

    • She has skills!

    • You can buy it at the Supermarket (in 1500 sq.ft. rolls).


      Buy in bulk and save!

    • I'm too busy buying DO NOT TRESSPASS OR I WILL DEFEND MY PROPERTY, and too busy printing I REFUSE ALL VAXX AT ALL TIMES.

      Too busy stocking up on NAC and Colloidial Silver since the dirtbag FDA is now outlawing health - y things.

      My smile for the day--- from a young woman who liked my IMPEACH BIDEN bumper sticker, or my DEFYTYRANTS.COM bumper sticker or my FREEDOM shirt or my inside car flag, blowing from the AC. Hard to see while driving sometimes with flag on my face. Lol.

    • It seems a worthy effort. But I believe I have stated here if not elsewhere, that the ultimate power to resist resides in the complete inability of government to compusorily require participation in anything, unless expressly authorized by the Constitution.

      I can be approached by anyone in public, or on my public property, and solicited for field interview information. I do not need to respond, for courtesies sake or implied legal requirement.

      If you allow yourself to be approachable (open the door), practice the expression, "I have nothing to say." or "I can't help you". Offer no excuse that provides an opportunity to return. But this only works if there is no pretext.

      The little hand-held minders everyone seems to have WILL provide the pretext, and possibly the rope to hang you with.

      The reason you will be pressed to interview, is that the GPS feature or possibly a data-based digital transaction event will place you somewhere in a dense time and place web of Covid-transmission events, that can be selectively applied with your personal data. 'It is not just about you, others could be involved, AND WE MUST KNOW", will be the justification.

      If you haven't been Faraday caging your little Benedict Arnold because the itch to blab or finger its' buttons is overwhelming, your tongue or thumbs may be digging your grave. My phone never comes out of the pouch, unless I am at home, alone in my car, or isolated where others are nearby enough to transmit a supposed infection.

      Those that just cannot live without the phones constant access, my die by its consistant betrayal in personal accountibility.

      Young man holding toy gun to his temple Stock Photo ...

      The potential success of my strategy is why internally chipping every 'body' is a red-letter priority for the social credit score murder of civil rights, freedoms, and liberties.

    • It seems past time to by a little cage- y thing


    • Infowares store. On sale now for about $15.00.

      Shop around.

    • Will check it out, need depth. Have a bulky case on it.

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