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  • "Its a public health issue. It doesn't matter who you are. For sure we know that." -Fauci

    That end run hope is long gone Fraudster. What is coming is Crimes Against Humanity trials,

    of which Mr. Fauci promises to feature prolifically, in inverse measure to his stature.

  • For All:

    I posted this on a couple of other conservative new sites, and seeing this thread concerning Dr. Fauci and his apparent disdain for those that are not rushing to get his vaccine...I fel this approporate.

    With all of us knowing by now that Dr. Fauci was most definitely involved (and by his own admission too) in the Whuan, China Virology Labrotatory, and involved to the extent that he was the one that apparently pushed the development and offered financing for this virus to be "gain of function" and cross over from animals into humans.  First of all....why would anyone in their right mind want to do that in the first place.   That is certainly not following the Hippocratic oath that he took way back when.   He was suppose to prevent such as that from happening in the first place.   Now this brings me to the point I wanted to share.....

    There has been several cases, if not rare cases, where a person, and it appears to be mostly in the medical field where a nurse or doctor will deliberately cause a person(s) to be sick with some injection....and just to later come in and know exactly what the anti-dote is or the required cure for that intentionally made sick person to be.   In medical terms and Phychology terms it is called......"Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy." it simplistic explanation form here....."they break they can fix it".....thereby bringing much adulation and acclaim unto themselves for being the hero of the moment when they swoop in to remidy the sickness.   It is a very sick personality disorder that does have case history.

    Here in Texas where I live there was a nurse back in the 80's or possibly the 90's that was involved in such a thing.   It was however, children in this instance where she would inject the kids with a substance and making them sick and other nurses would wheel them into ICU for evaluation to find the cause of such a sudden illness.....this nurse in question would then bring in the proper anti-dote for what had caused the illness therefore causing the child to almost immediately become whole again.   This went on and in the trial of this woman they determined that she had injected up to 12 kids and each time she become the hero in making them well......

    Dr Fauchi, on the surface does fit this pattern, whereby the give away is that he....."broke it (deliberately manufactured the Covid-19 virus with China's help)......then he come around and has tried now to fix it.....and has maneuvered himself into the forefront of the vaccine war as it were, and is the world's main spokesman now in attempts to dupe the public populations into taking the vaccine that he himself was instrumental in developing and releasing into the world.  

    I have found that even in politics at times....and more times than will be a liberal that will "break something....then come around later and fix it."   It is Democratic and liberal oriented actions of which Dr. Fauci is immersed in the middle of all of this.   His attempts at coming across as a hero is sooooo telling.  Here of late he has exhibited more and more a panic type demeanor on television where he is becoming increasingly frustrated with the populations that we our here are not just falling all over ourselves to march right in there and get the jab.   He is beside himself over this.

    I am no medical doctor and do not practice anything even close to psychology or medicine...I am a regular 76 year old guy out here that reads a lot...and am very keen on sitting back and watching patterns develop.  I not just run and jump on any bandwagon just because the crowd is doing it.   I wait and wait and just watch if and where things will develop.  So I though this might be an approporate time to share this lengthy disertation on current vaccine events as they are unfolding.

    Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.   The net is filled with articles on this subject.   Read and study much will mean life or death these days....!!!

    • It is a trail of patents and the money that follows. No Munchausen. Pure demonic greed is what drives him. 

    • At least 9 Pharma execs became billionaires due to the vaccine. Record short time.


  • Crap, I was hoping the creepy lying freak would be in jail by now!!!

  • There is a good reason that CPAC didn't fall for Fauci's analysis.  He has LIED from the start and continues to lie now.  How this person is even called a doctor anymore is way beyond me.  

  • For those of us who say " I won't take an experimental vaccine" are wrong. It is NOT experimental AT ALL. This was CLEARLY designed & created to KILL!! The evil global cabal and their NWO plan to depopulate on schedule! I know 6 people who took the jab three months ago. Two are dead. One from blood clots and and another from brain anneurism. The rest are having horrific side effects.

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