• Came across this article on biochip implants that I thought worth sharing.

    I’ve also been informed that the medical research into implants and nano technology has progressed far beyond the scope of this article.

    A great many researchers believe that the covid vaccines could contain a much more advanced microchip technology.

    The implants described in this article are capable of sending information to a central computer.

    Perhaps the latest versions are capable of receiving and reacting to instructions as well.

    If that’s true, I’m sure Microsoft is working on a firewall to prevent any vaccine recipients from being HACKED.

    Expect the new money on the horizon to have the motto: "In Gates We Trust"

     Biochip Implants

    Pentagon scientist unveils new COVID biochip implanted under the skin
    'That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on.'
  •  I forgot to mention that these GLOW IN THE DARK Particles are probably the LUCIFERASE that the Self Appointed God Bill "Gates of Hell" patented. Could You trust Anything called LUCIFERASE being injected into your body?? Not Me!!

  •  I am SO Sick of this Lying Psychopath Bastard and Everybody that is behind this World Destroying SCAMDEMIC!! EVERYONE Please continue to read the comments particularly the post's here by Mr. John Henry Ford and Mr. Thomas Treusch for the Absolute TRUTH and try to figure out a plan to Expose these criminal psychopathic Murdering Scum with Absolutely NO EMPATHY in their body because they are SOULLESS and We Don't have much time. Just think of ALL the people who are being injected with this Poison "They" call a 'vaccine' that has NO Medicinal properties and the long Q-Tip type swab is shown to have almost microscopic particles on it that GLOW ALL ON THEIR OWN LIKE LITTLE LIGHTS AND THIS IS WHAT IS BEING STUCK TO OR EVEN EMBEDDED AT OR IN THE BLOOD/BRAIN BARRIER THAT WILL NEVER LEAVE THE BODY!! I can Only imagine these in greater quantity and God know what else is in the so-called "vaccine" and These MONSTERS intend on Many More to follow so Don't dilude yourselves into believing otherwise, this is NOT a One Stroke operation, there WILL be More as They intend. Copy and Paste the information I've mentioned from the two Gentleman I already mentioned and Get it to EVERYBODY you know Quickly!!

  • Fauci is the model for "nerd gets power--becomes bully."  Why are we still listening to this buffon's a**-hole?

  • He needs to shut up and go away. I am so sick of his lying BS

  • In 2008 Dr Fauci co-wrote a paper on the Swine Flu claiming that people did not die from the Swine flu but from a Bacterial Infection of the Lungs caused from constantly wearing Masks. Fauci, Bill Gates and the rest of the Globalists knew that if they could create enough hysteria they could get people around the world to constantly wear masks pushing their Depopulation agenda killing millions around the world. In 2020 Doctors in Italy preformed autopsies on people who were belived to have died from COVID to discover they did not die from COVID but from a Bacterial infection of the lungs caused from constantly wearing Masks after The WHO and Fauci told Doctors around the World to not Autopsy people who were belived to have died from Covid as it was too dangerious and to dispose of the bodies. The government of Italy has filed charges of Crimes against Humanity for the WHO, Dr Fauci and Bill Gates. Dr Fauci was involved in the development of the CORONA Virus when Obama was in office. Obama told him to stop as it was too dangerious. Dr Fauci said it was too important to stop so he moved the project to China where He, the WHO, Bill Gates, George Soros and other Globalists funded the project. Covid is no deadlier than a minor case of the Flu but they have weaponized it to murder millions with their lies. Fauci, Bill Gates and the rest of the Globalists are the creator of this Pandemic and should be held accountable.

    • Mr. Ford,

      Very encouraged to find another person in touch with reality. This SCAM-demic has been many years in the planning. Virtually every contingency has been calculated and compensated for. In my opinion, corona virus is the Plan-B brought about by Hillary losing the un-losable election. It’s going to take a real effort to get the public to see through this well conceived artificial crisis. Now that the Globalists have gotten the ball rolling, our greatest danger comes from being trampled by the herd.

      I’m also gratified that you’ve mentioned the names of some of the people/vermin involved in this latest atrocity. Terms like The New World Order, The Globalists, or The Illuminati make the battle seem too impersonal. These parasites need to be identified and dealt with one at a time if necessary. Anyone that thinks this battle doesn’t affect them is terminally delusional.

      Now that the puppet masters of Joe Biden have taken the wrecking ball to America, our time to act has taken on a new sense of urgency. Maybe if we all start pulling together, we can find the fatal flaw in their plan for world domination. If THEY are allowed to get away with this corona scam, can you imagine what the lockdowns for climate change/global warming will be like?

      Thanks and keep up the GOOD work.


    •  Mr. Treusch, you and Mr. Ford have brilliantly described what Very few people know, that ALL who have been mentioned here, and Especially the information and way Mr. Ford wrote what he did which I was thinking Nobody else was aware of but myself and a few others, are that these Psychopaths have created the Biggest Crime Against Humanity there Ever has been and THEY MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY AND HANGED PUBLICLY FOR MASS MURDER AMONG MANY OTHER HORRIBLE AND DISGUSTING CRIMES!!! But HOW are We going to STOP this World Destroying Satanic Plan of theirs? 

       We are too few and Don't have the people or resources that they do Nor do We have the TIME that would be typical in exposing this and them before We are Overrun by Them and the system that They have on their side. Discussing it here has now began, Now We Must figure out a way to Destroy this animal.... No, Wrong word, this DEMON They have unleashed on the World and That is Not said or described in jest either because it is Most likely True. And CERN comes to mind when I think about this and am pretty sure Both of you are aware of that though it may have Nothing to do with it but Who could be sure. Anyway, I'm Glad to have seen this report so I could see what you both have written and it is ALL Absolutely TRUE!! Now what do We DO??

  • Is the Vaccine a hoax?

  • Who wants to get the vaccination anyway? This China virus is a hoax that was created to take the best president in my lifetime down.

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