• Their will always be covid variants until november of next year

  • Oh how I wish this liar would disappear off the face of the earth

    • Very understandable. But if you are trying to make him look small.....too late!

  • That's all this liar does.

  • These evil socialshits will always try and control us thru fear. It's health(covid) now but expect more to come. They are already preparing for when their economic disaster takes place. Expect more of the “blame game”. Its sad to see those who would otherwise stand for liberty and freedom will cave to these pressures. Stand strong Americans….It will get worse before it gets better

  • If people are dumb enough to get ANY VACCINE OR BOOSYER, than they deserve WHATEVER happens to them. I feel sorry for the children whose parents are THAT STUPID to give them a DEATH SHOT!

  • Sorry Bernadette, just another cold hard part of reality common among every State, especially the crowded, loud ones. It is expedient and cheap. The Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians only have just so much time and funds to dedicate to the "Heart Strings" geared to gathered the most votes for the investment. However, while watching films of the Oregon Coast, I was able to point out to my wife that every Port and Cove have a section area where only "Wounded Birds" gather. Broken bones, wings, legs, whatever, they stay, all breeds and sizes, ages and sexes until they heal or die. Whatever foods washes up ashore is theirs and one will never see another bird, nor seal, nor sea lion or otter, come into that area to eat. It belongs solely to the "Bird Hospital." On every Sea and Ocean in the World they exist. Man doesn't have to do a thing, and it is best that he does not. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Lopez, Pay attention. The Processes have already begun. Those who usurped the United States and their own State's Constitution that required the "State's Legislators set forth and established requirements for the voting processes." The previous Election with its "Mail-In Ballots" was established by the Governors of the States, not the Legislative Body. With the advent of the continuing Elections, whole State Confessed are converting from their long established Progressive Socialist Democrat Positions. All previous Agendas, especially illegal, will be reversed! As I have explained before, Nothing, absolutely nothing has ever need built or created out of Pessimism! So if you insist on living with no hope, please try not to drag others into the mire with you. No one ever entered into battle with the determination of losing!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • They don't care what you think as long as they can mass mail illegal ballots and throw the election.

  • Another thing is if the vaccine is that good for us, then people who are already vaccinated should not BE DYING!!!

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