• It's all about taking the toxic graphene oxide so-called vaccine. 1st shot destroys 1/2 of your immune system, 2nd the rest of your immune system. It it doesn't kill you after 2 shots, then you'll be required to take boosters the rest of your life in order to not die from common viruses 

  • How great would it be if the head mask nazi just fell over dead ?

    • Thats the best thing that could ever happen !!!!!!



  • I'm sick of the lying fascist fagot. I wag my dick at Miss Rona. I prefer to die rather than comply to the lies of the fascists...!


  • Here we go again!  He is one of the reasons COVID-19 is in this country in the first place.  He was against the crack down in travel from China and now he is trying to scare us with [most likely] groundless fears about the Omicron varient!

  • When is this evil piece of crap going to be arrested and executed for genociide

    • not going to happen unless we get devildemocommiecrats and their gop establishment TRAITORS ousted!!!!!!!!!!


    • That IS the question John!

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