• "Loni Anderson!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Thank you Laurel. Humor has always been the best weapon against terror, ghosts and bullies. I remember the old "Hollywood Squares Game" and Link Anderson of WKRP, was asked, "What is the one thing you never do one the First Date?" With just a moments thought she responded, "Point and laugh." Humor will always lighten the darkest night.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Another truly brilliant observation by Mr. DeSpain. Should call them DeSpainisms or something. Can’t stop laughing.

  • That crook is sure making a lot of money off the pandemic. I say shut him off and send him packing.

  • Is it just me? or are we really in the twilight zone? This crimes against humanity criminal, funds and supports the creation of this bio weapon.

    financially benefitting off of harmful cancer vaccines, pharm co's turned covid. Darpa stuffing viles of biomedical devices and nanotech, Bill Gates mr depopulation,

    U.N. plan to make all humans and animals chipped to be used as a global assets. People running off the cliff like lemmings for vaccines, and have no clue and no need to question the ingredients, being shoved into their bodies.

    Now the creator of these weapons is advising us for our good health.  This criminal needs to be tried as an international criminal not to be advised by.

  • This just out to a Florida school .....


  • Has anyone ever noticed that Fauci spelled backwards is "Anal Intercourse?" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • He is so full of S***

  • He should have been long gone when Trump was president. This man is nuts & needs to go

    • He isn't nuts, he is milking this and getting filthy rich. If Trump was advised honestly, he would have known Fauchi is a traitor opportunist, unfortunately Trump was mislead about he knows better!

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