• He needs to Sue the City for CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS violation  of the First Amendment.  Either we INFORCE and support our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS or WE ARE ALL SLAVES to the Develcrat Government. 

  • This behavior by the troopers is unacceptable! I guess the police are now in bed with the evil demoncrats, when they should be protecting us against the govt.  Same as the Canadian police did to the truckers.

    • If only we knew the state, and the school district where this was happening.  Then 'we' could be contacting the THUG BOT POlice, and the SChool district well as contacting the ACLJ on that man's behalf!

  • This cannot be allowed to stand.   The People must rise up against this tyranny....  I absolutely appalled that this is occurring in the Red state of Utah, and the arrest being made by the Utah Highway Patrol.   

    • DO you know 'which' police department in Utah this happened? Or the School District?

  • These are not police officers and should receive no respect they are nothing but hired communist thugs They are the ones who need to stand trial for treason

    • They are Utah Highway Patrol troopers


  • Bullshit like this is what will cause a civil war. If a shirt with We the People is an arrestible offense, we are under a communist government...We the People are the only ones that can end this travisty.  Vote Conserrvative or we are doomed to an exhistance like russia and china.  God help us.

  • This was actually a State Senate meeting on a HB60, a bill to prevent Vaccine Passports in Utah. He was arrested for wearing a shit that says       We The People!  It started because he had a stick on his hat supporting  HB60. Which he removed when asked, although there are no rules or regulations about signs or other support of bills during meeting. He was sitting in  a chair and the Sargent at arms and the Utah Highway Patrol are the ones that started this and targeted him for removal. He was denied his first amendment right. Charges have not been dropped and the charges seem to be disrupting the meeting.  It was the Sargent at Arms and the committee chair that disrupted the meeting!  Utah Commitee Chair Daniel McCay and these Highway Patrol officers are an embarrassment to Utah for trampling on this man's 1st Amendment rights!!!

  • Why are 3 state troopers needed at school board mths? Who gave them their orders- written list of unacceptable attire? Prove it!

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